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   Chapter 1083 Let Her Know The Strength Of Her Opponent

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7696

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Looking at the cruel look on Charles's face, Nora felt a sudden fluttering inside.

The man in front of her was kind to his friends, but very cruel to his enemies. Now, his gaze was cold enough to freeze his enemies.

Nora stayed inside the office building of the Mu's Group for a long while, discussing Charles's plan in detail. She'd given her work of managing the fund to her team and come to help Charles herself.

Charles knew how much Nora was doing for him, but since they were close to each other, he did not say "thank you" to her. He would keep her help in his heart.

After a few moments, Nora put forward her idea. "Since we've decided to launch a reverse takeover, we might as well start by purchasing the financial backbone of the Nalan's Group! Andrew is working his way in from the outside, but we can just take it from the core!"

"Good! Your idea is exactly the same as mine!" Charles nodded his head and then asked another question. "Which company do you think we should contact first?"

Nora looked at the file Charles handed her and then pointed to one particular name on it with her slim finger. "This one!"

The name she was pointing to had already been marked with a red pen by Charles. It was Vigor Coal Industry!

"Vigor Coal Industry? It is the lifeblood of the Nalan's Group! Doesn't it mean that we will be cutting off the Nalan's Group at the root?" Wiseman was surprised. At the same time, he was shocked by Nora's boldness.

"Vigor Coal Industry is one of the core companies of the Nalan's Group. If we can purchase it successfully, it will compensate for all of our previous losses," Charles said thoughtfully.

Linda was in deep thought as well. "But it's not easy to contact Vigor Coal Industry. I suggest we do it indirectly. In that way, it will probably go more smoothly and the resistance will be smaller."

Linda's words enlightened Charles. He had always thought about attacking his enemy's core, but he'd neglected the possibility that it could be done indirectly.

Thinking about this, Charles had an idea at once. Then he said to Nora, "Nora, you're the best person for this job. Both Linda and I aren't suitable for it. You're my secret weapon! So, I need you to give me a hand under the name of Tinfoo Fund."

"I get it. Now that I've c

leb Club, the most luxurious place to hold a meeting in. Briggs had also invited some of his friends who were in the business field.

While they had dinner, a man, who had a surname as Zhang and was doing international trading, flattered Nora. "Nowadays, it is very difficult to do business, especially to find a good project. I can see that the best way to make money is through Miss Su's stocks and funds. You always have good profits whenever the stock prices go up or down."

'Having good profits whenever the stock prices go up or down? This man doesn't seem to know much about stocks, ' Nora thought to herself.

She gave him a smile and said slowly, "You're talking about the mature market in western countries, right? In our market, there is no system or rules about short-selling. That means we can only get a profit when the stock prices rise. We can't get a profit whenever the stock prices go up or down unless we have stock market index future and margin trading and short-selling."

Mr. Zhang hadn't expected his flattery to go like this. Instantly, he was embarrassed.

Then, Nora continued with a smile, "Actually, the fund companies are all getting profit by luck. If the economy is good, we will have good performance. But if the market is bearish, we will have a hard time!"

Briggs had brought his friends here because he'd intended to feel Nora out and wanted to imply to her that the people she was talking to were powerful. Of course, Nora understood his motives, so she had prepared well beforehand!

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