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   Chapter 1082 Preliminary Plan

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With these thoughts, Nora was firmly determined to take actions in order to recover her losses. She had spent more than two months in opening positions. According to the announced quarterly report, the stocks of the preferential fund heavily invested had accounted for the highest proportion among all stocks that Nora had purchased.

The price of these stocks had been relatively stable. But yesterday, it abruptly exhibited a sharp decline, and a similar situation had been encountered by Charles as well.

Nora had talked with her assistant about this unexpected dramatic drop in the stock price. Both of them were rather confused about the short-selling of the stocks in such a large quantity. The two of them wanted to find out the person behind this short-selling.

Based on their abundant experiences within the industry, they judged that a mutual fund couldn't have sold its stocks in that offensive manner. In their opinions, it was impossible for a private equity fund to liquidate its positions either because the liquidation costs were too high. One who was wise enough couldn't have committed a silly act like that. Thus, Nora and her assistant were contemplating if someone was intentionally thwarting her.

The two of them hadn't reached the heart of the problem in spite of giving it a lot of thought and consideration. Thus, the assistant persuaded Nora to observe how the stock price would fluctuate the following day before taking any actions.

Now the CEO of Tinfoo Fund Management Corporation was still on a holiday in a non-local area. Nora didn't want to annoy the CEO by telling him about the drastic stock price decline. Meanwhile, another fund manager of the company, who happened to be Nora's schoolmate during her postgraduate studies, was doing a non-local survey.

Unable to take help from anyone else, Nora came up with an idea to take her assistant's advice. But to her surprise, the price of the stock had reached the limit down immediately after the time of opening. After calculation, Nora had found that she had almost suffered a loss of 20% in the stocks. In the meantime, adjustments had been made for other stocks. As a consequence, the net value of the fund had declined by 5%. This had seldom occurred in Nora's previous stock operations.

But since Charles had called Nora and told her that they would work together to recover their losses, she felt the weight lift from her shoulder. She was no longer worried about the drastic price drop in the stocks.

Soon, Charles called Nora again to inform her that she could act now.

The following day, Nora arrived at the airport on time to catch her plane to SH City. At five o'clock in the afternoon, sh

inda blurted out with a smile, as she caught the sight of Wiseman holding some documents in his hand.

Hearing her words, Wiseman felt a little embarrassed. The truth was he had come here without informing Charles. He had figured the task was so urgent that he had abruptly come here.

However, Nora was not angry at all. On the contrary, she stood up and shook hands with Wiseman while greeting, "I have heard a lot of great things about you. I am glad to finally have the honor of meeting you in person. Nice to meet you!"

Wiseman hurriedly bowed in response to her greeting. "Miss Su. Nice to meet you too. You have been quite well-known in the financial circle over the past two years."

The two of them had exchanged greetings with each other for some time before Charles interrupted them saying, "I am afraid that Wiseman will cheat on Miss Su and win her heart if I don't interrupt him!"

A chorus of laughter reverberated in the room after this comment was made. Later, everyone present got ready to talk business. Nora tried to maintain her composure before she asked with a calm voice, "Charles, are you sure you want to execute the plan that we discussed last time?"

Charles motioned for Wiseman to sit down and reached out for the materials that Wiseman had in his hand. "Yes, I am sure! Today, I just want to discuss with you how we shall execute the plan!"

"It is hard for us to smoothly complete the acquisition of the Nalan's Group because Andrew is favoring them," Nora said, getting straight to the point.

"Of course, I am clear about this, but I am not a coward. I will fight back since they've challenged me. Lenny has asked Andrew for a favor. Has he taken it for granted that no one would help me? Nora, here is my preliminary plan. Please have a look at it!"

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