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   Chapter 1081 The Wolf Of Finance

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9407

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Charles's old friend, who was called "the Wolf of Finance", worked as the investment director in a famous domestic company called Tinfoo Fund Management Corporation and also served as the fund manager in charge of the preferential equity funds of this company. This old friend of Charles's was Nora Su.

At this moment, Nora Su was busy in front of her computer at her office. It was so quiet that the sound of her typing was loud and clear.

A drop of sweat fell down along her cheek onto the document that she was reading and onto one word of the headline in particular—"value."

Then, she turned her eyes back to the computer screen. It was half past two in the afternoon.

Financial practitioners felt heavy pressure from having to keep up a reputation. For instance, the price of the preferential stocks of Tinfoo Fund Management Corporation had declined drastically and reached the limit down today. Now, 70, 000 shares had been put up for sale below the market price. Since the stock price had reached the limit down, it would hardly rise.

Nora was so fretful that she tapped on the keyboard in an irritated manner. Then, she took off her gold-rimmed glasses and muttered to herself with a heavy sigh, "Damn it. Even I'm stumped by this..."

That was when her cell phone rang with a phone call from Charles. The last time Charles had called her, he had asked her to do him a favor and investigate who had been selling off the Mu's Group's stocks. Nora had agreed to help Charles without any hesitation. Looking at his name on her phone screen now, she was sure that he was going to ask her to help him again.

Nora's office was inside a 28-story financial tower. It was spacious and bright. Nora could get a bird's-eye view of the streets through the window. Although it was very crowded with pedestrians and vehicles downtown, she could appreciate the scenery when she looked at it from the comfort of her office.

For example, she had a panoramic view of a famous park, a well-known lake, and a city center plaza. Looking from afar, she felt that these places were just like a picturesque landscape surrounded by mountains and waters. They were parts of the very few green landscapes which could relieve people from the hustle and bustle of this noisy city.

During her breaks, Nora was used to gazing through the window as she pondered upon life and eased her anxiety.

She was still in her early thirties. After completing her postgraduate studies, she had worked in the securities industry for only five to six years. But now, she was already acting as the Investment Director of Tinfoo Fund Management Corporation.

Since she had been appointed to hold the important posts as Fund Manager and even Investment Director at this young age, she was obviously very talented in some aspects.

Upon hearing Charles's words, Nora thought for a moment before replying loudly, "Okay, I hope that our cooperation can be pleasant and successful!"

Then, she hung up the phone. Nora, who took it for granted that she could maintain her composure in any situation, found her emotions getting the best of her when she thought of Charles's plan.

She tried calming herself down before switching her attention back to the computer screen.

After some thought, she found that the total market value of the preferential equity fund was not quite high, and would be over two billion dollars at most after equity division.

The company of this fund was engaged in biopharmaceuticals, showing certain core competencies and independent innovation capabilities. Lately, it had been clinically testing a new type of drug.

Of course, this piece of news hadn't been made known to the general public. In other words, this company had declared that it had announced all matters that should be made public.

The stock price of a foreign-listed pharmaceuticals company would increase significantly if it had a new drug under clinical trials. Although its impact on the domestic stock market wouldn't be great, the stock prices would rise by 20% to 30% at least.

Since Nora had gotten such a piece of news from an insider of the company, she would have to take advantage of it. After all, the company's profits had amounted to 120 million dollars the year before. Nora guessed that its price-earnings ratio would increase by twenty folds at least, on the grounds that it was a listed company in the pharmaceuticals industry.

On the other hand, Nora had noticed that other funds hadn't paid much attention to this pharmaceuticals company. Only one shareholder among its top ten shareholders was a fund. Besides, she had found that their shareholding was a little decentralized.

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