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   Chapter 1080 It Was Your Turn To Show Up

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7807

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Charles intended to purchase more shares at a lower price. What he wanted was to be the largest shareholder, not the managing power.

If PH Real Estate didn't cooperate, Charles wouldn't mind launching a hostile takeover.

Now, it would all depend on PH Real Estate's reaction. If PH Real Estate was willing to accept Charles's offer, it would be good for them.

To Charles, a president of a large conglomerate, it wasn't challenging to purchase a company at the expected price as long as the opposite side did not have a person like Wiseman.

Anyway, that was what Charles thought when he stepped into the office building of PH Real Estate.

But two hours later, he stepped out of the building with an unhappy look on his face.

Just as Wiseman expected, Charles had encountered some tough problems regarding the acquisition.

Unlike the first time he had communicated with Charles, Blair now showed full confidence in PH Real Estate and firmly refused the purchasing price that Charles offered.

He even told Charles that they would be glad if he wanted to be one of the shareholders, but that he'd have to purchase the shares at the market price. Moreover, Charles couldn't purchase more than 15 percent of the shares.

Steven hadn't been in his office. Anyway, the truth seemed to be different from the general assumption. The relationship among the shareholders of PH Real Estate seemed to be very good.

Besides, the financial reports of PH Real Estate weren't publicized. Although Charles had tried what he could, he didn't obtain any useful information from the shareholders present. But right up to the moment he left, Charles had stuck to his previous purchasing plan, so the conversation between him and all the shareholders of PH Real Estate except Steven had ended on an unfriendly note.

Once Charles was outside the office building of PH Real Estate, he recovered the usual calm and unreadable expression on his face.

A moment ago inside the office building of PH Real Estate, Charles had shown his weakness on purpose, being enraged by the behavior of the PH Real Estate shareholders who hadn't kept their word.

After all, he was young and looked inexperienced even though he wasn't. It was easy for him to act like a person who was easily annoyed and wasn't able to control himself. That was how m

d, it wouldn't be difficult for TC Film Corporation to release excellent work!

"Very good! What you did is perfect. Then how about the bad news?"

Charles didn't want to indulge himself in the good news. He was getting used to being prepared for danger at any time. Now, he paid much more attention to the bad news.

Talking about the bad news, Wiseman became serious. He said slowly, "The bad news is that the Nalan's Group has successfully purchased nearly 5 percent of the Mu's Group's shares from a few of our subsidiaries. If they manage to buy another 5 percent, they'll have more shares than I do. That means they will become the second-largest shareholder in the company!"

Hearing this news, Charles knitted his eyebrows tightly. He hadn't expected Lenny and Andrew to work so quickly.

Now, it seemed like his plan of purchasing PH Real Estate and integrating it into the Single-family Villa I project would take too much time.

"Wiseman, how do you think we should deal with this situation now?" Charles asked. He wanted to know Wiseman's opinion first.

Wiseman inhaled deeply. "We can launch a reverse takeover!"

"Good! I couldn't agree with you more!"

Charles clapped his hands. Wiseman's idea was exactly the same as his. Now that Lenny and Andrew wanted to compete with purchasing capability, Charles would never give up. Plus, he had a trump card that he hadn't used yet.

'My friend, it's your turn to show up now!' Charles told himself in his mind. He looked at the sky outside the window, and then dialed a number.

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