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   Chapter 1079 Old Friend

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Andrew looked at the computer screen in front of him without losing his temper and took a sip of the coffee in his hand. The fluctuations in the Mu's Group's stock price had been planned by him.

A while ago, he had asked Lenny to assist him in plotting this trick. Almost all the substantial shareholders of the Mu's Group were loyal to Charles, but there was one exception. That was Steven Zhu, the CEO of PH Real Estate.

More than a month ago when Andrew had tried to sabotage the Mu's Group by instigating Greg, the head of the Single-family Villa I project, to use low-quality building materials, he had coincidentally learned from Greg that PH Real Estate was one of the Mu's Group's partners for the Single-family Villa I project.

After some investigation, Andrew had found out that the CEO of PH Real Estate was engaged in the peripheral businesses of the Deng Clan. Considering his own noble status, Andrew thought it was beneath him to talk to Steven Zhu in person.

Thus, he had asked Lenny to find Steven Zhu and tell him that the Young Master of the Deng Clan was working in the Nalan's Group.

The day after Lenny talked to Steven, Steven had come to visit Andrew. Having worked in the business circle for so many years, Steven was good at comprehending what people really meant to say based on their words and expressions. Since Lenny had told him that Andrew was working for the Nalan's Group, Steven had concluded that Andrew was indirectly ordering him to meet him.

Andrew had asked Steven to sell off his shares of the Mu's Group. Of course, in return, he had promised to give Steven a certain amount of money from the Nalan's Group. While that amount was enormous for Steven, it was just a drop in the ocean for the Nalan's Group.

At that time, Steven had only gotten a few chances to earn from the peripheral businesses of the Deng Clan. Thinking that he could gain opportunities to engage in the core businesses of the Deng Clan and earn a considerable amount of money from this deal, he had readily agreed to Andrew's request to sell his shares off.

This was the reason why the stock price of the Mu's Group had drastically declined for two consecutive days. Of course, that was not Andrew's final goal.

In fact, Andrew had made this move to divert Charles's attention from what he was actually doing. While Charles was busy with taking measures against the stock price fluctuations, Andrew had gotten down to lassoing the small investors of the Mu's Group.

Tempted by money and other interests, the investors had stealthily offered Andrew inside information about the Mu's Group.

There was a vivid statement in Karl Marx's three-volume work named Capital: "20 percent certain will produce eagerness; 50 percent, positive audacity; 100 percent will make it ready to trample on all human laws; 300 percent, and there is not a crime at w

ut the acquisition.

Charles stared at Wiseman with a puzzled expression and asked, "Have you discovered anything strange? I'm glad to listen to your views. After all, I might overlook something important when I consider an issue by myself."

"It is purely my guess," Wiseman replied while shaking his head. He didn't want to reveal his judgment to Charles, since he hadn't found any proof.

Charles didn't question Wiseman closely. He knew Wiseman very well and knew that he never said or did anything that he wasn't confident about.

But just to be safe, Charles carefully read all the materials he had collected about PH Real Estate as well as his own acquisition plan from the beginning to the end after Wiseman left.

From what he had learned from these materials, the stocks of PH Real Estate were not quite decentralized. A major proportion of the stocks were held by Steven and Blair, while only a very small proportion of shares were held by small individual investors.

The current operations of PH Real Estate were not ideal, and its performance in the existing capital market was not optimistic.

Wiseman's guess was right. Charles had decided to acquire PH Real Estate on impulse to take revenge against Steven for his deliberate sales of stocks of the Mu's Group to disturb the stock market. But before making a decision about the acquisition, Charles had performed a thorough market survey on PH Real Estate.

After some investigation, Charles had found that Blair and Steven didn't get along well with each other. These two men had quarreled with each other many times concerning the development and decision-making of PH Real Estate. This was also one of the reasons why Charles had thought about asking Blair to help him.

Of course, one of Charles's "old friends" had played an important role in facilitating Charles's smooth secret negotiation with Blair regarding this acquisition.

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