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   Chapter 1078 Increased By 6%

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After his conversation with Darcy, Charles had judged that Darcy was not Andrew's spy. He thought that if his judgment was wrong, Darcy would have been an insanely good actor.

During their conversation, it was the earnest look of Darcy that dispelled Charles's doubts. Charles could see from Darcy's eyes that he was really passionate about animation. Nothing could change Darcy's passion.

Since Darcy was so devoted to animation, Charles thought that he would absolutely not do anything that would taint his beloved profession. Further, Charles was sure that Darcy would not commit any act at the cost of something he loved. In view of these factors, he decided to trust Darcy.

After settling his investigation of Darcy, Charles had become more suspicious and careful. As of the moment, he was worried that Andrew might have arranged some informers to work in TC Film Corporation, his subsidiaries or even the headquarters of the Mu's Group.

With this suspicion in mind, Charles immediately took his cellphone out of his pocket, called Wiseman, and asked him to secretly investigate the background and living situation of all employees. He ordered Wiseman to report to him right away if he found anyone suspicious.

As a matter of fact, Wiseman had the same worry as Charles, so he had started the investigation since a long time ago.

Charles was in a gloomy mood the whole day. Although he had decided to trust Darcy, he had neither gotten any evidence to dispel his doubts about Darcy nor found any new leads. But unexpectedly, the next day proved to be more challenging for him.

The next morning, the stock market opened for trading like usual. At first, there was no big problem with the stock price of the Mu's Group, but as time passed by, the stock price started to fluctuate once again.

Like what had happened the day before, someone had sold off his stocks without considering the consequences. Today, investors still heard no exact news released from the company, but the stock price of the Mu's Group fluctuated widely.

Charles thought that the drastic fluctuation of the stock price that had occurred the day before was purely coincidental. However, the same phenomenon took place again today. The alarm bell in Charles's head was ringing, and inevitably Charles became vigilant.

Having managed businesses for so many years, he was aware of the tremendous impact of ripple effects in the stock market. If the stock price of such a big company like the Mu's Group had fluctuated widely for two consecutive days but no news favorable for raising market price of the stocks was released, investors would probably think that the group would make a big move.

If individual investors couldn't get any internal news about the Mu's Group, they would speculate that something must have happened to the Mu's Group that caused the fluctuations in the stock price. Many investors of the Mu's Group would suffer heavy losses if the stock price kept on fluctuating widely before any news was released.

In consideration of this, Charles was determined to take action so as to prevent the current situation from worsening.

By now, it had dawned on Charles that the person who had been selling of

to cause the drop of the stock price. He thought that what Charles was doing now would just help the enemy.

Without giving any explanation, Charles simply expected all the stock market operators to follow his order. Although the operators felt helpless and angry about Charles's order, they had no choice but to operate according to his order. Soon afterwards, the stock price reached its limit down.

All the investors inside the stock exchange were complaining about their losses as they saw that the stock price of the Mu's Group had drastically reached its limit down over these two days. Some of them were even speculating that the consecutive dramatic stock price fluctuations might have been intentionally plotted.

However, Charles looked at ease while sitting on his chair. Lately, he had been busy with handling other company matters that he never had time to focus on stock trading. It had been a while since he last gained such a sense of accomplishment for dominating the stock market. The clock on the wall of his office was ticking.

The stock market operators inside Charles's office were losing their patience. They were puzzled over the reason why Charles had not asked them to leave since the stock price had already reached limit down.

As they were pondering over this question, a purchase quantity in red suddenly showed up on their computer screens. All the operators were stunned to see the large figure.

After seeing this figure, Charles put all the documents in his hands down on his desk and ordered, "Buy all stocks in sales at a price higher than this buyer's purchase price. I want you to raise the stock price as high as possible before the closing."

Charles's words motivated all the stock market operators, who had been keeping their temper at bay. Now, they finally have a chance to display their skills in stock operations and rescue the stock price. With great enthusiasm, they gave their all to jump up the stock price of the Mu's Group.

By closing time, the stock price of the Mu's Group had finally increased by 6%, and this satisfactory result would not be possible without their efforts.

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