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   Chapter 1077 Work Together

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The stock trading finally started again in the afternoon. For now, the stock price of the Mu's Group had approximately declined by 5%.

While staring at his computer to observe the general fluctuation trend of the stock price, Charles exchanged greetings with someone on the phone.

Charles had called this man as soon as he had recalled that they had once competed and conflicted in trade.

Suspecting the man of being the one who was short-selling, Charles initiated a conversation with him about nothing in particular.

Charles kept chatting casually with the man to distract him from taking any further action to see how the stock price would fluctuate.

But during his idle talk with this man, Charles noticed that the stock price continued to decline drastically.

At the sight of this, he felt a little confused and thought, 'Isn't he the one who is short-selling?' Realizing that the man he was talking to was not the one who was short selling the shares of the Mu's Group, Charles hung up the phone after politely bidding goodbye to him.

The present fluctuation trend of the stock price was rather unfavorable.

If the stock price continued falling so dramatically, it would probably reach the limit down at last today no matter what action Charles took to get the price rising.

Investors would suffer considerable losses if they heard no pertinent news before the limit down price was reached.

To avoid the losses, Charles immediately organized his personnel to take remedial actions. However, an unknown person seemed to be determined to sell the stocks off without even regarding the sales price.

This person was selling the stocks off without considering the return on investment at all. Judging by this, Charles concluded that this person was muddle-headed but rich.

Because of this person's foolish act, the Mu's Group had been more or less impacted. To a certain extent, this person had achieved the result he had expected. Although Charles had been put in a tough spot by this unknown rival, he still kept his composure.

It was impossible for him to rescue the Mu's Group's stock price with corporate reserve funds because the stock price had reached the limit down only for one day. Hence, Charles didn't invest any more money in dealing with the current critical situation.

At the time of closing, the stock price of the Mu's Group had fallen sharply to the hilt.

Wiseman had noticed all the stock price fluctuations, but he just kept silent because he was clear that instant success and failure meant nothing.

Charles wasn't upset a lot by the violent stock price fluctuations either.

Although he had suffered an enormous financial loss, the person who had intentionally sold the stocks off had bee

went back to looking reserved and grim like he usually did.

Based on his observation of Darcy's behavior, Charles inferred that Darcy wasn't lying to him. Thus, he didn't want to continue questioning Darcy in an intimidating tone. Instead, he asked Darcy in a soft voice, "From what I've heard, Andrew is a good friend of yours. Why should I trust you?"

Charles took a seat on the sofa and motioned for Darcy to sit down beside him.

After sitting on the sofa, Darcy gently wiped the sweat on his forehead. Then, he explained, "Boss, you know what? People always change!" Darcy didn't answer Charles's question directly.

Absorbed in thought, he continued, "As you've guessed, Andrew did approach me for help, but I rejected him!"

"Why?" Charles asked curiously.

"Because I think animations shouldn't be produced for stirring up trouble or playing commercial tricks. They represent pure beliefs and dreams.

Of course, I'm not sure if you or Andrew has any dreams."

Darcy threw a meaningful look at Charles.

Then, he stood up and added, "I'm being completely honest with you. To me, animations are as important as my life! If you trust me, I will be available at work tomorrow. But if not, I will not come to work tomorrow."

As soon as Darcy finished his words, he opened the door, ready to walk out.

"Wait!" Charles stopped him and continued, "Come here tomorrow at half past eight in the morning and find Fairy. She will lead you to the core team's office.

Let's work together for the ChinaJoy exhibition which will be held in one month!"

Upon hearing these words, Darcy didn't turn around but directly walked out of the room.

When Charles announced that he could join the core team of TC Film Corporation, Darcy was so excited that tears began falling down his cheeks, but Charles didn't notice.

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