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   Chapter 1076 Is That Him

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Hearing Linda's words, Charles's eyes opened wide.

He had thought there was something strange about the conversation between Darcy and Fairy. How could such a unique artist change his idea so easily?

But Charles hadn't dwelled on it because on one hand, TC Film Corporation was in need of professional employees and Darcy was the most suitable person, and on the other hand, Charles was not sure about his suspicions.

If Darcy was indeed a genuine person, he would feel upset if he learned about what Charles thought of him.

So, Charles had immediately set aside his suspicions.

But now that Linda was pointing it out, Charles became alert again.

If Darcy really had a hidden motive and he joined the core team, the confidential news about the animation work for the opening ceremony would be leaked.

This was one of the top-secret information in TC Film Corporation.

If Andrew learned about their plans, he would definitely do something to sabotage them.

But Charles realized something else. He had already promised Darcy that he could join the core team of TC Film Corporation. If he didn't allow Darcy to enter the core team now, what would happen?

If Darcy really was a genuine employee without any hidden motives, Charles would lose a talented employee and he didn't want to see that happen.

He found himself in a dilemma about how to deal with this situation.

Andrew hadn't even made a move and Charles was already in a tough spot. What would happen after Andrew started to challenge him directly?

Linda seemed to understand Charles's embarrassment.

After washing all the dishes and cleaning her hands, she came to Charles and held his arm gently.

"Charles, don't worry about it too much. Just because Darcy goes to the same college as Andrew doesn't mean they know each other.

Let me handle this. You just put these thoughts aside for a day. I will go to Q University tomorrow to check it."

Hearing Linda's words, Charles felt a bit relaxed. Linda really was a good wife. He felt so lucky to have a wife who loved him so much and was willing to give him a hand at any time.

The next day, Charles went to the headquarters of his company.

Wiseman came to him and reported an important piece of news.

Then, at TC Film Corporation, Charles asked Joshua to

the situation wasn't too bad.

Now, at noon break, the closing price of the Mu's Group stock had gone down 5%.

"Since it's such a huge action, we must be able to get some clue about who did this. Have you investigated it? Did you find anything?"

Charles asked Wiseman with his eyebrows furrowed.

Wiseman shook his head. "This is the biggest problem for us now. We can't find out who did it.

It's not just one shareholder account that did it. It was dozens! I suspect that they're a team!"

"A team?" Charles echoed, contemplating the matter. If Andrew was behind this, what did he intend to do even if the stock price plummeted?

The fluctuation of the stock price in a short time wouldn't have too much influence on the company itself.

Whoever had done this was acting recklessly as they had lost a lot just to hurt the Mu's Group.

Charles believed that Andrew wasn't such a stupid person. But if that was the case, then there had to be someone else behind this.

"Pay attention to the stock price changes this afternoon. We don't need to fear any normal fluctuation in the stock market.

But if someone is doing this with an evil motive, we will fight back soon!"

Charles said to Wiseman. Wiseman nodded and went out to make preparations.

Charles then sat in his chair and closed his eyes as he did whenever he was deep in thought. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him.

"Is it him?" Charles opened his eyes all of a sudden.

He took out his phone and dialed a number that was all too familiar to him.

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