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   Chapter 1075 Congratulations

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"Congratulations! Welcome to TC Film Corporation. I believe this will be one of the wisest decisions you've ever made in your life!"

Charles said warmly while offering the young man a handshake. He was very much in awe of the young man's talent. The young man looked at Charles with gratitude in his eyes.

"Mr. Mu, thank you for offering me this opportunity. I think I will be proud to be part of TC Film Corporation!"

At this moment, Fairy approached the young man and offered him a handshake.

Since getting encouragement from Charles at the bidding conference, Fairy had become much more outgoing and had tried to make friends with many people.

Fairy engaged the young man, "Hello, my name is Fairy. Your painting is exquisite and your concept is ingenious. You must be popular.

Can you tell me your pseudonym?"

In the animation industry, most of the artists famous for creating animation had their pseudonyms.

Fairy and Philip were one of those artists. In fact, popular artists such as themselves were more widely known for their pseudonyms rather than their real names.

Seeing Fairy look at him with expectant eyes, the young man smiled. Then, he replied calmly, "Darcy!"

Hearing his pseudonym, Fairy was shocked. Charles might not be familiar with the name, but Fairy knew it very well.

As an art major at Q University, the young man was an independent artist known for his unique style in the animation industry.

It was no wonder that Fairy felt familiar with his animation style. She felt like she had seen his drawings from somewhere before.

She didn't expect the young man to be Darcy. This made her confused at once.

"Darcy, as far as I know, you have always settled on doing things independently as an artist. In that case, why are you interested in applying for a job in our company?"

Charles frowned when he heard Fairy's question. With a smile, Darcy replied, "Everyone wants to be recognized by others.

As an animator, I think that gaining recognition at the opening ceremony of ChinaJoy is something I can be proud of!"

Fairy was still silently pondering on Darcy's words when Joshua spoke, "Why are you all looking so serious? We're now welcoming our new member, so you should be happy. Come and sit down, everybody." Joshua alleviated the tense atmosphere in time.

This was what he had always been good at.

Before long, the room was filled with a relaxed atmosphere. All the people sat down on the sofa, feeling at home.

Fairy was the only one who remained standing while looking at Darcy's work carefully.

"I didn't expect that our company would finally be able to recruit such a great artist

r children enjoy the meal very much. In such a peaceful atmosphere, the Mu family enjoyed the delightful hours.

Charles told the servants to leave their work and return to their rooms because he wanted to spend time with Linda alone.

In Charles's eyes, happiness meant that he and Linda could live the life of an ordinary couple, doing normal house chores such as cooking, washing dishes and so on.

After dinner, the children played with their toys on the sofa. Meanwhile, Charles and Linda were washing up in the kitchen.

One of them was washing the dishes and the other was drying them.

Charles was washing the dishes while telling Linda about the recruitment of TC Film Corporation that day.

When he mentioned that Darcy had been accepted, it felt like a heavy burden was lifted off his shoulders. Indeed, he was stressed for the past few weeks.

With regards to big industries like finance and real estate, Charles was confident that he would not lose to anyone.

However, the animation industry in which TC Film Corporation was involved was uncharted waters to him. So, after recruiting Darcy, he was finally relieved.

Charles felt lucky that he had recruited such an excellent animation artist. However, when Charles said that Darcy was from Q University, Linda's smile disappeared from her face.

Frowning, she asked, "Darling, don't you think Darcy joined TC Film Corporation just in time?"

"Yes, you're right. Even God is helping us!" Charles exclaimed happily.

He did not notice the hint of suspicion in Linda's tone.

Linda suddenly remembered something unusual. She put down the plate she was holding and looked at Charles with serious eyes.

"If I remember correctly, Andrew is a college student at Q University, too. Am I right?"

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