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   Chapter 1074 Pass

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Even Charles was a little shocked to see this young man drawing with so much concentration.

As a layman, he didn't know much about professional drawing skills, but he was favorably impressed by this young man's meticulous and attentive drawing.

Soon, he realized that Fairy's judgment had been right. This young man would meet their recruitment requirements.


Joshua couldn't help letting out a small sigh at the young man's first brush strokes.

As the general manager of TC Film Corporation, it was beyond doubt that Joshua had extraordinary knowledge in drawing.

Although he wasn't as professional as Fairy, he had a mastery of most drawing skills. Now, as Joshua watched the young man draw, there was a serious and impressed expression on his face.

In these kinds of situations, laymen would watch for fun, but professionals would look at how the job was done.

Now, laymen would be too impatient to continue watching, because the young man was just drawing some strange lines on the paper.

But as a senior in the industry, Fairy had more or less discerned how talented this young man was at drawing.

'The lines are so accurate!' This was the first thought that flashed across Fairy's mind.

The young man drew lines as accurately as a machine would.

Although he had only drawn a rough figure of a woman, Fairy couldn't find any mistakes in it.

In her opinion, this figure was flawless, because the hands were drawn in place and the legs were bent at the proper angles.

But what shocked Fairy the most wasn't the accurate drawing of the woman's pose.

After all, it was quite easy for her to draw the lines accurately as well. Everyone could master that skill as long as they practiced often.

That's not to say that it wasn't impressive, but it wasn't surprising for Fairy.

On the paper, there was a figure of a woman whose facial features were vague.

But what both Fairy and Joshua were shocked by was the radial dotted lines along the woman's hands, which were held high. The two of them could guess that the dotted lines represented a weapon.

To be specific, the weapon was a beam of energy waves.

The weapon was presented at a scale that was much higher than the figure of the woman's body. As a result, the lines representing this weapon stretched out of the frame.

The young man's drawing showed how dominant and intense that light beam was. This was rarely seen in comics these days.

This composition was exaggerated with a strong visual impact. However, the exaggeration didn't come across as s

has it? So why does it look so amazing?" Joshua asked, feeling a little embarrassed.

For a few moments, there was silence.

Then, Charles looked up at Fairy and asked, "What do you think?"

"It has a strong visual impact!"

Fairy replied with her eyebrows furrowed. She seemed to be overwhelmed.

Then, she added, "I've never thought that an image can be presented in such an exaggerated manner."

"He is really good at drawing. His skills are amazing," one of the team members stated after looking at the drawing.

Staring at the young man in shock, he continued, "I can't believe there is a person who is so talented at drawing."

No one responded to him; they all seemed to be lost in thought. Even Charles, who didn't know anything about art, had his eyes fixed on the drawing.

"You are so talented. Before seeing your drawing, I've never even imagined such a technique of expression. Judging by this picture, I can see that your drawing style differs from most artists'.

Your drawing looks rough but exquisite,"

Fairy finally commented after a few minutes of appreciating the drawing.

Upon hearing these comments, the young man became very confident about his drawing skills. But now, Fairy had the final say on whether he had passed the interview or not.

Although Fairy had spoken highly of his drawing, the young man was unclear about the specific evaluation factors of TC Film Corporation.

So, he was still very nervous about the result.

Fairy glanced at Charles, who nodded at her.

"Pass!" she immediately announced. As soon as the young man heard this word, he let out a long and heavy sigh of relief.

Now, he was formally a member of TC Film Corporation.

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