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   Chapter 1073 The New Member

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This was just an interlude.

Andrew wasn't worried about Charles' countermeasures because he had a bigger plan in mind.

His real target wasn't TC Film Corporation, it was the Mu's Group.

Of course, Lenny didn't know about Andrew's ambition. And Charles had no time to think about Andrew's motives because he was already preoccupied with something else at the moment.

Right now, he was about to interview a few artists.

These candidates were nervous because they knew that their abilities were going to be put to the test.

On the other side, Charles was nervous too.

Analyzing a painting demanded a knowledge of color, shape, and composition, but Charles didn't know about any of these things, so he couldn't pick the best candidate.

But the opening ceremony of ChinaJoy was upcoming, so he had to recruit more talented artists as soon as possible.

Charles immediately called Joshua, Fairy, and the other members of the team and asked them to prepare a second round of interview for the candidates.

"Congratulations, all of you passed the first round of interview. Now, for the second round, we're going to give you a test. This is Joshua, the general manager of TC Film Corporation, and this is Fairy, the chief designer. Joshua, Fairy, and I will be the examiners.

We hope you can do it well and join us.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at our company. Good luck," Charles said to all the candidates.

"Let's start right now," Joshua announced. Then, the candidates entered the interview room one by one when their names were called.

Charles, Joshua, and Fairy asked each of the candidates a random set of questions.

They wanted to test these candidates' professional expertise and their mental strength.

More importantly, they wanted to know how well the candidates could hold up under pressure.

Out of the ten people who had passed the first round of interview, nine of them failed in the second round.

They just weren't up to the standard. Some of them lacked professional skills while the others couldn't work under pressure.

Realizing that nine candidates had been eliminated from the race, Charles was disappointed. He didn't have any hope that the last candidate would be the person that they were look

ive personalities, it could be said that the artist had failed in his endeavor.

After all, his work wouldn't be able to resonate with readers.

The young man frowned at the paper, deep in thought for nearly ten minutes.

Then, he started to construct the composition of his work.

In his resume, he'd mentioned that he was good at reproducing the masterpieces of famous cartoonists.

Now, he chose to reproduce a masterpiece from memory in half an hour.

The first step was to draw the outline of a woman on the paper.

Fairy, who was watching intently, knew that the young man had defined the waist of the woman.

Then, he sketched the neck and the knees of the woman.

With a few more strokes, he'd successfully sketched a woman on the paper.

Although the woman had no face and no hair, the limbs of her body had been defined.

She had cylindrical arms, legs, and belly, just like a robot.

She seemed to be holding something with her left hand.

And she was staring ahead of her with her right hand in the air.

The lines stretched out of the fame. The woman on the paper was obviously in a fighting stance.

She was getting down on one knee and tilting her head to the side. There was a slight bend in the bow and the arrow seemed to shoot away.

The young man had made the picture come alive! Fairy sat up straight with a thin smile on her face.

She was very satisfied with the young man's work and firmly believed that he was the talent that she'd been looking for.

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