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   Chapter 1072 The Dream Came true

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"Mr. Deng, you've come up with many plans to beat Charles but none of them have seemed to work," Lenny said sarcastically as he walked over to Andrew.

Andrew gave him a smile and replied, "Lenny, I don't need you to remind me of that. But it seems that you need me to remind you of the second term that you agreed to."

Lenny had agreed to all the terms that Andrew had offered him at the dinner party, but he had ended up regretting it later that night after realizing that there was a big loophole in their agreement.

Andrew hadn't mentioned a time limit at all!

"Mr. Deng, it's been more than a month since you came to the Nalan's Group..."

Lenny trailed off, knowing that Andrew could understand what he was implying.

Andrew turned around and gave Lenny a nonchalant glance. "Do you know why you keep failing recently?"

If anyone else had heard these words, they would have thought that Andrew was insane. After all, in almost everyone's eyes, Lenny had always been a successful businessman.

But from Andrew's point of view, Lenny was a loser.

Hearing Andrew's words, Lenny became furious, but he remained as calm as possible.

"Why don't you tell me?" he asked, gritting his teeth.

"You're too eager to succeed and you don't have any patience! You rush into making a move before knowing your rival well. You're too shortsighted and can't tolerate even a tiny little mistake that other people make!"

Finishing these words, Andrew turned away and left.

Lenny stood rooted to the spot in shock as if Andrew had used some magic on him.

Meanwhile, everything was going well for Charles. As soon as he got the news that TC Film Corporation had won the bidding, he told Linda about it.

Linda was over the moon when she heard about it. She loved watching animated films, and so did Little Tomato and Little Potato.

So, when Charles had told her that he was going to enter the business field of animation, she'd naturally been very supportive of his decision.

Sh'de even spent an entire week getting to know some general information about the animation industry with Wiseman's help.

After that, she'd shared this information with Charles.

In fact, it was Linda who had suggested to Charles that he should poach Fairy from Alien Entertainment.

After hearing that Fairy didn't get along well with the other members of Alien Entertainment, Linda had decided to use that chance to get Fairy to switch to TC Film Corporation instead. She'd immediately directed Wiseman to ask Joshua to approach Fairy with a job offer,

e newspaper page.

This advertisement caused quite a stir.

While the discussion caused by Charles's advertisement was still going on, the advertisement of Alien Entertainment shocked the whole animation field.

Currently, even the most outstanding painter was paid a maximum of 200 thousand. But now, Andrew was offering an enormous sum of one million.

This attracted many professional artists who had been planning on joining TC Film Corporation. Now, they turned their attention to Alien Entertainment.

Joshua reached out to several candidates who had a good portfolio, but the candidates refused him.

All of them told him that they were waiting for some intimation from Alien Entertainment.

It was true that salary was the most attractive factor in recruitment.

Charles knew that, of course. As soon as he'd seen Alien Entertainment's advertisement, he had known that the situation would turn out like this.

So with Linda's help, Charles released the second recruitment advertisement for TC Film Corporation:

"New recruits will be given an award of shares as well as the opportunity to appear at the opening ceremony of ChinaJoy!"

This did the job at once. TC Film Corporation's biggest disadvantage was that it had just been reorganized. But that could also work to its advantage.

Since it had just been reorganized, Charles had many spare shares of the company. The opportunity to own shares of a company was much more attractive than getting a salary of one million.

Moreover, the opening ceremony of ChinaJoy was a good opportunity for many artists and designers to showcase their abilities.

In this way, TC Film Corporation successfully recruited many talents.

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