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   Chapter 1071 Vicissitudes of Life

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8737

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Ryan could easily read the minds of the personnel from other companies. They had lingering doubts that Charles had won the bid because of his connections and power. To dispel those doubts, he explained in detail the reasons why TC Film Corporation had been selected and why Alien Entertainment Corporation had failed.

Andrew forced a smile after hearing Ryan's explanation. His team had lost the bid fairly, so there was no reason for him to cross swords with the TC Film Corporation team.

He admitted his failure, and didn't complain further. Although Charles had won this bid by chance, Andrew was confident that he could deal with him in other ways.

Lenny had returned to the meeting room. As he was about to lose his temper at the bidding result, Andrew stopped him.

He told Ryan politely, "Buddy, I hope that there will still be chances for us to cooperate with each other in the future." Soon afterwards, he left the meeting room with Lenny and the team members of Alien Entertainment Corporation.

After throwing a glare at Charles, Kevin walked out of the meeting room with the Decepticons Animation team.

He was still in a bad mood because of his team's failure to capture the bid.

After all the other teams had left, Ryan, who had been serious all the while, smiled at the TC Film Corporation team in the room and said, "Congratulations! You guys have done a great job!"

Charles responded, "Ryan, I'm delighted that you've decided to grant TC Film Corporation the chance to present the animation.

But I'm pretty sure that you still care about the cost, right? Alien Entertainment only asked for one-third of the fund for their animation work." Charles grinned at Ryan's surprised expression.

Returning his grin, Ryan replied, "I don't care much about the cost.

What concerns me is whether my decision is helpful to promote the development of the domestic animation industry."

Now that the tension of the bid had finally dissolved, the other team members of TC Film Corporation relaxed significantly.

Their eyes, gleaming with excitement, were fixated on Ryan with a radiant smile. They would have screamed in joy if they were not in the meeting room at that moment.

"Do you know the most important reason why your company has won this bid?" Ryan questioned Charles. Looking directly at Charles, he continued, "The domestic animation industry is developing at a fast rate, and in this industry, there are some very speculative competitions.

But, we want to select an original and simple animation."

Ryan cast a look at Fairy, who was standing beside Charles.


words, Charles walked out of the meeting room with his staff.

When they got to their car, Fairy soared in delight all of a sudden, "Wow! !"

Before the bid had started, Fairy had been too nervous to even introduce TC Film Corporation and their animation submitted for the bid. But fortunately, Charles saved her from the embarrassment and had made the introduction in her place. And they won the bid!

Fairy finally felt some warmth flowing within her team.

She was now relaxed and the tension was off her shoulders.

"Do you feel relieved now?" Charles asked with a smile.

"Hmm!" Fairy gave Charles a short affirmative answer. She looked more outgoing now. She added, "I will try communicating more with all of you in the future


Charles and her team members firmly nodded, staring at her in encouragement.

Ever since they had gotten the news about the bid, they had been busy revising their animation over and over again.

They had been racking their brains to perfect the animation. During that period, they had been overwhelmed with mixed feelings, expectations and anxiety.

Only the members who had worked tirelessly knew exactly how they had felt during that testing time.

But when Ryan had announced TC Film Corporation as the bid winner, they had felt their fatigue and anxiety fade away.

Everything after that was pure joy.

It was not until now that Fairy had integrated into the team.

This new change would let her concentrate on the creation of Vicissitudes of Life.

They got into the car, full of excitement, and rushed to the company to start with their work.

None of them had noticed Andrew staring at them in silence, not too far away from them, with a cunning glint in his eyes.

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