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Every year, the Organizing Committee in charge of the opening ceremony had required the participants to submit a demo of their film. However, this year was different. Instead of submitting a demo, each participant was asked to select one frame of their animation sequence for this bid for the sake of confidentiality.

Currently, everyone had fixed their eyes on Ryan. Ryan was holding numerous pages of drawings which had kept the production teams very busy lately. Each team worked hard on the drawings, as some pages were literally born out of sweat, tears and blood. Now, whether their efforts would pay off or prove to be futile would depend on his decision.

Both Andrew and Charles were staring at Ryan, their hearts beating very fast.

The drawing paper was leafed through piece by piece. Ryan and the men beside him were carefully reviewing the drawings. Suddenly, Ryan's eyes lit up upon seeing certain drawing. He made a hum of approval which was heard by the people in the room who were all closely paying attention to him.

Judging by Ryan's reaction, everyone present knew that he had seen a drawing which satisfied him. However, they had no way of knowing whose work he was satisfied with since they could not see the drawings he had been examining.

Ryan nodded to the four young men behind him who had been silent all this time. After Ryan motioned for them, they got up from their chairs right away and walked closer to Ryan to carefully evaluate the works.

As they reviewed the drawings, they began whispering to each other about their opinions with regards to the drawings. The members of Alien Entertainment Corporation, Decepticons Animation and TC Film Corporation just kept silent. They were ignoring each other and no one bothered to even exchange looks. All of them focused their gaze on the well-known critic.

Deep in discussion, Ryan continued to exchange opinions with the four people in whispers. As a whole, their discussion didn't end until ten minutes later. Only after that did Ryan's serious face turn smiling again. Afterwards, he waved his hand backwards, gesturing the four young people to get back to their seats.

"Thank you for waiting."

These were the first words uttered by Ryan's mouth after everyone's long and suspenseful wait for the evaluation results. As if not in a rush, he took a sip of tea before he continued in a very calm voice, "The four people you've just seen are members of the Organizing Committee in charge of the opening ceremony of this exhibition. They have discussed with each other from the perspective of schedules for the opening ceremony and on-site visual effects. Now, we have reached a consensus regarding the evaluation results."

Ryan slowly transferred his gaze from one person to another. Being so impatient to know the evaluation results, Charles

failed to take the theme into account!"

Seeing Andrew knit his brows, he continued to explain, "I don't think that your team is incompetent. In fact, your team members are all skilled. The production team of TC Film Corporation even lag behind you when it comes to application and combination of colors. However, there is one major flaw in your work."

"I would like to hear the details." Instead of retorting, Andrew restrained himself and asked patiently.

"The animated film selected will be used for an recreational event at the opening ceremony of animation interactions festival, rather than an opening film for a movie conference. If the animation is too colorful, there is no assurance that the field projection equipment can present the animation. Even if there would be no problem with the projection, if the animated film appears to be over showy, it will inevitably deviate from the theme!"

Upon hearing Ryan's explanation, it immediately dawned on Andrew that he and his team had placed too much emphasis on scenes, actions and outfits. However, they failed to match it to the festival's theme.

Letting out a sigh, Andrew had realized that he had made a wrong move in fighting against Charles.

Ryan patted Andrew on his shoulder with a smile before he continued, "The theme of this year's ChinaJoy encourages conciseness and minimalism. Surely, it hasn't been clearly stated, but it was implied from the bidding requirements. We just want to confirm if any team can understand the theme perfectly. This is to say, the team of TC Film Corporation has put more thought in following the theme compared to other teams." Ryan smiled and stole a look at Fairy's direction. "I know that TC Film Corporation's team has been just built recently. But when I saw their work, I had been certain that in this case, the length of time spent as a team didn't matter much at all."

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