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   Chapter 1069 It Turns Out That She Has A Stammer

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Charles had carefully listened to the statements of Kevin and Philip. Before coming here for the bidding convention, he hadn't known much about the animation industry.

It just happened that Linda liked animation very much and was familiar with it.

So, for the past few months, Linda had been helping Charles by supplying him with information on the animation industry.

Of course, Charles understood how important the opening ceremony of this animation exhibition was for the business.

If the Mu's Group won the bid, it would lead to considerable profit. Therefore, Charles was determined to seize this opportunity.

"We've listened to the statements of the first two companies. Now let's give way to TC Film Corporation.

Let's welcome them!"

Ryan started to applaud as soon as he finished his words. Seeing Andrew applaud too, Kevin joined in.

Although Kevin seemed unconcerned at this moment, he was observing Charles carefully.

Indeed, Charles was the leader of the Mu's Group but still, he was just a novice in the animation industry.

Bluntly speaking, Charles was a mindless rich man in Kevin's eyes. 'Since Charles is like a lamb to the slaughter, it will be a piece of cake for us to win the bid, ' Kevin thought.

Charles nodded to his fellow bidders and began to speak.

"As a newcomer to the animation industry, I still have a lot to learn from you.

So, let's welcome Fairy, the lead artist of TC Film Corporation, to make a statement!"

Charles said modestly. Then, he looked at Fairy who was sitting beside him and gave her an encouraging nod.

Philip and Andrew, who were present on behalf of Alien Entertainment Corporation, looked at her with a hint of arrogance in their eyes.

Holding the microphone, Fairy could feel her hand trembling. She gave a slight cough to relieve her tension. Seeing her nervous stance, Charles frowned slightly.

"TC Film Corporation... The team of TC Film Corporation is led by me... And..."

Charles gently patted Fairy on the shoulder, motioning for her to calm down.

Fairy paused to take a few deep breaths. She tried to continue her statement but she was still unable to make a comprehensible and complete sentence.

"It turns out that the lead artist of TC Film Corporation has a stammer. Ha-ha..." Kevin said with a mocking smile.

Ryan couldn't help frowning when he heard Kevin's words. Philip frowned, too. In fact, he knew Fairy very well.

Fairy had always been such a quiet girl that she seldom talked to others.

The employees of Alien

After all, what they were talking about would decide the outcome of the bid.

After about five or six minutes, Ryan spoke again.

"All the teams present have their own strengths, but only one of them will become the winner. We will choose the company that best meets our requirements. If two companies come to a tie, we would take their presentations into account when we make the final judgment. Of course, I mean the case in which two companies are evenly matched," Ryan explained calmly. When it seemed like everything was in order, he began collecting the submissions. "Everyone, now, please take out your works!"

Charles took the work of TC Film Corporation from Fairy. With a solemn look, he walked to Ryan and handed it to him.

Andrew and Kevin respectfully handed their works to Ryan as well. The three of them looked at each other and walked away at once.

After returning to his seat, Charles gave Fairy an involuntary look.

At this moment, Fairy was so nervous that she furrowed her brows without noticing.

"Don't worry. You've done your best. You need to believe in yourself," Charles said in a comforting tone while gently patting Fairy on her shoulder.

Hearing his words, Fairy relaxed a little. However, she still found it hard to calm down.

Of course, all the people present felt very nervous, including Charles himself.

No matter how nervous Charles was, he couldn't show it. Only he could control such a situation. He was the glue holding the team together.

If Charles suddenly showed any hint of nervousness, the other team members of TC Film Corporation would panic. In his case, a moment of weakness could throw the whole team into confusion.

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