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   Chapter 1068 One Third

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The bidding was going on in a big meeting room with white tiles.

At the center of the room, there was a big circular glass table about fifty meters in diameter with a variety of colorful flowers placed at the center. More than ten chairs were lined around it.

The members of the three top corporations, Alien Entertainment, Decepticons Animation, and TC Film Corporation sat around the table.

Behind them were the members from other small companies.

In the chief seats were seated two men who looked to be around Kevin's age.

Both of them were wearing a badge. Obviously, they were the judges from the organizing committee.

Four young men in their twenties were sitting next to them.

Andrew looked at Charles, who was seated on the other end of the table opposite him. This was the first time Andrew and Charles were meeting face to face.

Although neither of them said a word, the look in their eyes was enough to convey that the fight had already begun.

The tension in the room unnerved Kevin Wang so much that he couldn't breathe normally.

He quickly wiped his wet forehead with a piece of tissue to hide how nervous he was feeling.

Lenny was not here.

Although the two members of the organizing committee had told him with a flattering smile that he could stay in the meeting room to watch the bidding, he had left as soon as he found that Andrew silently gestured for him to leave.

After Lenny left the meeting room, one of the two members of the organizing committee coughed slightly.

All the whispers in the meeting room immediately came to a stop, leaving a pin drop silence.

The atmosphere was turning tense. At half-past ten, the selection and bidding started now!


One of the two men in the chief seats set down his teacup and started to speak calmly.

"It is nice to meet all of you here today. I am one of the members in charge of the organizing committee. You can call me Ryan. I know that all of you have prepared well for this exhibition.

You've toiled night and day to create the perfect animation film, but I won't mention that here.

What is more important is the result."

After he finished his speech, almost everyone in the meeting room seemed to straighten up in their seats.

The air in the room became so serious that even Charles, who was calm and collected in any situation

team have worked in comics for years.

Although we dare not say that we are the best in the country, we are still sure that we are one of the top ones. Of course, there is still a gap between our comics and the ones that are famous internationally.

But the cost of their work is very high. On the contrary, we just need one-third of that amount to finish this exhibition project!"

"One-third of that amount?"

Hearing Philip's words, Kevin's face darkened.

He knew that his company, Decepticons Animation, wouldn't be able to pull it off at one-third of that amount.

Since he was the one who was responsible for the company, if the company didn't do well, his business performance would look bad.

For Alien Entertainment, this was their greatest strength.

Andrew had already told them that he intended to give TC Film Corporation a heavy blow this time. He promised them that as long as the group obtained the exhibition work, they could get financial support from Lenny.

But saying that they only needed one-third of the amount would definitely capture the organizing committee's attention.

Both Decepticons Animation and the organizing committee would consider the issue of money, but Alien Entertainment's goal was to give TC Film a heavy blow.

So, Andrew had asked Philip to reveal their advantage about their cost first.

Sure enough, it impressed the members of the organizing committee enough to tilt the outcome in their favor.

Ryan did not say anything after Philip finished his speech. He wordlessly turned his gaze to Charles.

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