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   Chapter 1067 Rivals

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The task that Andrew assigned to Alien Entertainment Corporation was a little arduous for Zoey and Susan.

The two of them thought that it was nearly impossible to create an animation from scratch in just three months.

However, Philip seemed to be as calm as he was all the time. No one could tell based on his expression whether he was confident about creating a new animation over such a short period of time or not.

It was very rare for a man at his age to be able to always keep his composure.

Now that Andrew had assigned this task to them, the team of Alien Entertainment Corporation had no choice but to get down to the creation right away.

The animation they created was named Invincible Brave. The creation more or less went smoothly, even though the team went through a hard time in the early stage.

While Andrew was urging Alien Entertainment Corporation to finish the production of this animation, TC Film Corporation, the entertainment company owned by Charles, was busy with producing a new animation named Vicissitudes of Life.

Fairy was personally involved in the production of this animation, but this was kept confidential.

Philip would sigh with mixed feelings if he found out that Fairy was engaged in producing Vicissitudes of Life, because her proposal for this animation had been rejected by Alien Entertainment Corporation a few months ago.

However, Charles had liked the script of this animation as soon as he read it and had personally approved Fairy's proposal.

Besides, since the news about this animation was being kept strictly confidential, Charles expected that this animation would arouse great public interest when it made its debut.

Time passed by very fast. A month had passed since TC Film Corporation started working on Vicissitudes of Life, but Andrew didn't take any action against Charles during that time. Charles couldn't help but feel concerned about this because he thought that it was strange.

He knew that Andrew couldn't have given up so easily. Deep in his heart, he knew that the incident that had happened to the Single-family Villa I project was just the start.

But over the past month, the Nalan's Group hadn't done anything to the Mu's Group. This made Charles a little restless.

Like Charles, Lenny was restless as well.

In the past month, Andrew had been busy visiting Alien Entertainment Corporation and the school. However, he hadn't seemed to take any measure against the Mu's Group.

Thus, Lenny felt rather anxious and even wondered if Andrew had become unwilling to help him.

"Mr. Deng, as you see, more than a month has passed since the occurrence of the Mu's Group incident. But so far, you've taken no action. I can't help but wonder about this

owever, Andrew noticed the woman wearing a pair of glasses roll her eyes with disdain. Perhaps Kevin wouldn't have come over here to talk to the team members of Alien Entertainment Corporation if he hadn't seen them getting out of Andrew's car.

Although Alien Entertainment Corporation was a giant within the animation industry, similar entertainment companies were ubiquitous, just like celebrities of the entertainment circle.

In particular, Alien Entertainment Corporation hadn't produced any works for quite a long period of time ever since Fairy had been excluded.

As a result, many companies had caught up with Alien Entertainment Corporation, including Decepticons Animation.

'Rivals? Humph! That sounds rich. It would have been impossible for a team from Alien Entertainment Corporation to come here for bidding if Andrew hadn't helped them using his interpersonal relationships, '

Kevin complained to himself, quickly looking away from them, even Philip.

In spite of this, he still kept a radiant smile on his face as he walked into the organizing committee's office with Andrew. They were talking to each other with a smile on their faces, as if they were biological brothers.

The sound of leather shoes clacking across the floor quickly disappeared.

Everyone walking behind Andrew and Kevin suddenly felt the atmosphere around them become tense.

At this moment, they all looked vigilant, as if a fight would break out between them at any moment.

Now that Andrew had walked away, Lenny had naturally become the leader of the Alien Entertainment Corporation team members.

Turning indifferent to the team members of Decepticons Animation, he led Philip and the other members of Alien Entertainment Corporation to walk faster to catch up with Andrew and enter the organizing committee's office.

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