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   Chapter 1066 A Pleasant Surprise

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As Lenny never had any involvement with the animated video production industry, it was expected that he did not know who Philip was.

But Lenny was smart enough. When he saw Andrew stand up to come and greet Philip, Lenny realized at once that this young man must have a special authority and position.

Naturally, Lenny greeted Philip with respect. He firmly shook Philip's offered hand and nodded his head slightly.

"Well, now that everyone is here, let's begin working!" Andrew said, when he saw the gesture made by the company leader.

"I think everyone here knows that Alien Entertainment Corporation enjoys a high position in the animated film industry.

But currently, there is one company which is about to become a close competitor..."

At that moment, Andrew paused on purpose as if was waiting for the reaction of the people present in the meeting room.

Philip broke the silence and replied with a smile, "It's TC Film Corporation!"

Andrew was very pleased with Philip's response. Then he continued, "Yes, Philip is right. It is TC Film Corporation. Charles Mu has recently purchased TC Film Corporation.

That means the Mu's Group has now officially entered the animated film industry.

Charles Mu's behavior poses a serious threat not only to the Nalan's Group, but to the Alien Entertainment as well!"

The fat girl beside Andrew slammed one of her fists. "It's impossible!" she exclaimed with disdain.

Andrew just smiled and made a gesture to Lenny to take out the file.

"This is TC Film's financial report for the first quarter after it was purchased by Charles.

Both the market share and audience share have increased dramatically, and now there is merely two percent gap from the Alien Entertainment. This is only after one quarter. What do you think will happen in the future?" Andrew paused to let the information sink in before moving on. Andrew continued, "Now, TC Film has Fairy to help them improve more!

As a matter of fact, Alien Entertainment does not have an advantage at all! Remember the most important point. TC Film Corporation is supported by the Mu's Group!"

With this revelation, a heavy atmosphere fell upon the room. Everyone knew that the Mu's Group had considerable wealth.

Seeing the data, everyone kept silent, including Susan.

The head of Alien Entertainment Corporation was anxious. His eyebrows were knitted with worry.

What Andrew talked about was clear to him. And that was exactly what he was afraid of. Just as the head of Alien Entertainment Corporation did not know what to do, Andrew showed up. Not only did the leader w

g part of their plan.

Charles stepped closer to Fairy's computer to take a look at the animated character she was working on.

Both the expression and the clothes were vivid and eye-catching. Her professional skills were so good that even Charles, who did not know much about animation could tell the character created by Fairy was outstanding.

Joshua was about to remind Fairy that Charles was here, but Charles stopped him. He put one of his fingers on his lips to tell everyone to not to interrupt Fairy.

After a while, Charles left the office together with Joshua.

"Boss, I'm so sorry. I did not expect that Fairy would be so arrogant and treat you like this.

She did not show respect to you. I will criticize her harshly later!"

Joshua looked tremendously disheartened. However, Charles did not mind and shook his hand casually.

"If everyone can focus on their work like her, the company will be sure to achieve a lot! Don't criticize her. On the contrary, you should praise her highly!"

In the past, Fairy was criticized for being a perfectionist when she was working at the Alien Entertainment Corporation. Only Philip was on her side.

Her colleagues could not bear revising their own work again and again. That was the reason why Fairy did not get along well with other people.

As TC Film Corporation was newly reorganized, everyone was in high spirits. Fairy liked that kind of atmosphere very much.

So she agreed with Joshua to come to TC Film Corporation.

Today, Charles's attitude not only encouraged Fairy, but also inspired others to work harder.

With this, the atmosphere in TC Film Corporation was improved greatly.

And this was a really pleasant surprise to both Joshua and Charles.

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