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   Chapter 1065 Do Business At Such A Young Age

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9613

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Andrew and Lenny had been watching the live broadcast to stay informed about what was happening at the construction site.

However, things didn't progress as Andrew expected.


Andrew unconsciously uttered out her name because he was a little shocked to see Linda come to the site with Greg.

Andrew's plan would have been executed smoothly as he had thought if not for Linda. Her interference was beyond his expectation.

"Shit! Greg, you are just a coward. You've even ruined my plan!" Andrew muttered to himself in a very low voice before downing the glass of wine in his hand.

Lenny had originally intended to take advantage of the turmoil at the construction site to destroy the Mu's Group's reputation.

By doing that, he could have made the Mu's Group go bankrupt without any effort.

However, he was stunned to see the way things had turned out. "Linda, you are my niece, but you always stand against me!" Lenny said, gnashing his teeth in anger.

Upon hearing his words, Andrew turned around with great curiosity and questioned, "Your niece?"

Lenny smiled awkwardly in response.

"That's a little interesting!" Andrew smiled back but his eyes were still focused on reports on the progress of the Single-family Villa I project.

At this moment, the media was crazily reporting about Charles, who was appeasing migrant workers even though he was injured and bleeding.

This time, in the face of a crisis, Charles had promptly dealt with public relations, so things hadn't gone worse.

On the contrary, he had further improved the image of the Mu's Group by coping with the crisis. Through this incident, he had made the general public understand that the Mu's Group would take responsibility.

Of course, this couldn't have been achieved without Linda and Wiseman's help.

It was Wiseman who had informed the media in time and resolved the crisis through good public relations.

Furthermore, the key for turning this situation around had been Linda capturing Greg and bringing him here.

So far, it could be said that Andrew had suffered a catastrophic failure in this tentative action against the Mu's Group owing to the joint effort of Linda and Charles.

"Shit! They have even turned the tables!" Lenny complained, heaving a sigh.

Although he was pretending to complain about the current situation, he was, in fact, insinuating Andrew's lack of ability.

Of course, Andrew could see through what Lenny was really thinking in his mind, but he only showed a smile without saying anything.

He had merely dipped his feet into the ocean, but that had been enough to put both Charles and Linda in an awkward position.

This result was satisfactory enough for Andrew.

With great confidence in his abilities to deal with Charles and Linda, he showed a mysterious smile. After picking up an orange from the table, he cont

pond to Andrew. But before he could continue, Zoey interrupted and said, "She has gone to TC Film Corporation!"

Upon hearing this, Andrew frowned deeply, but he didn't say anything. Although Fairy didn't work in Alien Entertainment Corporation anymore, Andrew was glad that Philip was still here.

To certain extent, this was a piece of good news. At this moment, Andrew looked forward to seeing Philip, a legendary figure that he had often heard about but never seen in real life. He was eager to see what Philip would look like.

While he was lost in thought about Philip's appearance, the owner waved his hand toward the door.

At the sight of this, Andrew raised his eyebrows and saw two people walk into the office.

The person walking at the front was a fat girl dressed in skin-tight garments, accentuating her plump breasts and her waist, which looked like a bucket.

The person walking behind her was a young man with rosy lips and pretty white teeth. He was very handsome with refined facial features that even women would envy.

"Susan, Philip, this is Andrew, the Young Master of the Deng Clan.

He has come here to talk to us on behalf of the Nalan's Group about a possible cooperation."

After introducing Andrew to them, the owner switched his attention to the two people standing behind him.

The fat girl nodded and said in an arrogant manner, "You're doing business at such a young age. I think you must have paid a lot for training. Am I right?"

Andrew looked at her indifferently and didn't reply. Instead, he shifted his attention to the young man behind her.

"Philip?" he asked in a puzzled voice, not sure if this man was Philip or not.

"Nice to meet you!" the young man nodded and greeted with a polite smile.

Lenny, who had been standing beside Andrew in silence, was a little amazed to see Andrew enthusiastically shaking hands with the young man named Philip.

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