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   Chapter 1064 Accept The Punishment Silently

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7792

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Charles, together with his assistant and a few other people, quickly drove to the construction site of Single-family Villa I.

All of the workers had stopped working due to the report of the TV station and Greg's fleeing.

Although all the construction work had been shut down, there was a huge crowd at the site.

There were more than a thousand workers that had been hired for the construction project of Single-family Villa I. On top of that, hundreds of journalists had come here after hearing the news. The whole construction site was now noisy and full of people.

As soon as Charles arrived at the construction site, a few hawk-eyed journalists spotted him.

Instantly, hundreds of people walked over to Charles and soon, his car was surrounded by so many people that he couldn't move at all.

He had been planning on driving to the construction site directly but now that his car was blocked, he had to get out of his car and walk to his destination.

Opening the door of the car with great difficulty, Charles got out of his car. In a second, there were thousands of questions being thrown at him.

"Mr. Mu, could you tell me if the Mu's Group bought construction materials of bad quality on purpose?"

"Mr. Mu, what do you think of the fact that Greg, the one in charge of the construction project of Single-family Villa I, has fled the country?"

"Mr. Mu, I was told that the construction workers' salaries have not been paid to them.

Could you please tell me when you will pay them?"

The questions came like a flood and all of them were regarding the recent slander of the Mu's Group.

Charles did not reply but walked to the high platform nearby with the help of his bodyguards and his assistant.

By then, the news that Charles had arrived had spread throughout the whole construction site.

All the workers who hadn't gotten their salaries and were attending the protest gathered around Charles as well.

The whole site was in chaos.

At that moment, someone shouted all of a sudden, "Give my money back! We want safety!"

The shout roused the anger of all the construction workers. They all began to shout slogans and protest seriously.

At that time, a stone was thrown from nowhere and directly hit Charles's forehead!

Charles's head was broken and bleeding.

This happened s

ent ago.

"It's not me you should apologize to. It's all the workers in the construction site! You should feel sorry to all the members of the Mu's Group!

You have let all of us down!"

Seeing Greg brought here by Wiseman and Linda, Charles finally felt relieved.

Linda had once again helped him through a tough situation.

"You are right. I should be punished. I coveted wealth that didn't belong to me. I am not human. I..."

Unable to go on with his speech, Greg got down on his knees in front of all the journalists and the construction workers.

At that moment, he realized that his greediness had hurt many people.

He handed the suitcase full of bribe money to Charles, who gave it to Wiseman.

"Everyone! All the construction workers, please stand in a line. Wiseman will pay you all the money that Greg owes you.

Moreover, the Mu's Group has decided to spend 100 million to hold an open bidding for all the construction materials. This way, we can completely refuse all the unqualified materials.

We can guarantee the quality of this construction project and the safety of all the people!"

Charles's words excited all the construction workers and made their worries about the project completely disappear.

Charles had even assured the quality of the Single-family Villa I project to the media. So, this crisis had been successfully handled.

In the end, Greg was sued by Charles and put in prison.

Greg didn't go to the court to appeal. Instead, he chose to silently accept his punishment for what he'd done.

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