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   Chapter 1063 Knowing The Gravity Of The Situation

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After arriving at the company, Charles was informed that there was something wrong with Single-family Villa I, the real estate project that had just been developed by the Mu's Group.

There was a heated discussion about it on TV.

"Recently, there have been a lot of concerns about the real estate project developed by the Mu's Group. The safety netting at their construction site was of such poor quality that it caused a terrible accident.

Moreover, because of their illegal use of inferior materials, the quality of their buildings is too low!"

A promotional video about an news investigation of the Mu's Group's real estate project was being repeatedly broadcast on TV.

Lenny, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, was excited to see this.

Andrew had asked Lenny to send his men to shoot a video in order to frame Charles.

Now, Lenny and Andrew exchanged glances.

Seeing that Andrew had begun a tentative attack on Charles, Lenny looked extremely happy.

Charles's eyes widened as he watched the promotional video. 'It's so weird!

I've been personally supervising the construction of Single-family Villa I, so there's no way this could have happened. How can the TV station slander our company like this?' he wondered.

He couldn't shake off the feeling that there was something fishy going on.

Suddenly, what Yvonne had told him the night before flashed in his mind, and he immediately thought of Lenny and Andrew.

Charles was keenly aware that Andrew had begun to take action against him and that the airing of this news investigation might only be his first step.

Andrew also knew that it was impossible to defeat the Mu's Group with just one trivial matter.

After all, the Mu's Group had a huge amount of influence over the financial world.

Charles didn't say anything. He just stared patiently at the images on the TV screen, carefully recalling what had happened.

He felt that the background of the video was familiar to him.

Several moments later, the news program officially began.

On TV, the host was criticizing the Mu's Group with indignation.

"Today, the real estate industry is booming in our country, and the companies involved in this industry have made staggering profits. However, some companies are still not satisfied.

Their greed is making them pursue excessive profits!

In order to maximize their profits, they have t

ety netting used by the Mu's Group on their construction site.

When the reporter pulled the safety netting, it broke immediately.

Then, he picked up a brick and hit the safety netting with slight force. The netting cracked and the brick went right through it.

Next, a group of workers complaining against the Mu's Group was shown.

"They are really shameless! They're ignoring our safety!"

one of the workers shouted loudly. "How can they treat us so unfairly?

They have the heart to use such flimsy safety netting!"

"Yes, you're right. The Mu's Group is fooling us! What will happen if one of us seriously gets injured?"

All of a sudden, the workers on the construction site were filled with indignation. They went on strike against the Mu's Group.

As a result, the construction of Single-family Villa I had to be stopped.

Seeing this made Charles feel depressed. The cruelty of business competition was always hard to swallow.

Even if you had spent most of your life running a business, it could collapse overnight if its reputation was brought into question.

"Wiseman, come to the construction site at once when you catch Greg Zhang.

I'm going there right now to appease the workers."

After finishing his words, Charles hung up.

If he couldn't handle the matter tactfully, the image of the Mu's Group would be seriously affected. So, Charles had to do everything he could to prevent a crisis from happening.

Wiseman understood the gravity of the situation too, so he set out without hesitation.

The first thing he had to do was to seize Greg Zhang.

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