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   Chapter 1061 Firing Yvonne Decisively

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With Yvonne leading the way, Andrew soon arrived at the banquet hall where Lenny had prepared a rich dinner for him.

As soon as he entered the hall, all the guests present focused their eyes on him.

They didn't expect to see him in the flesh and make an appearance at the banquet held by Lenny. After all, they had only seen him on TV.

Andrew didn't like these kinds of banquets. Since he was a man of status, many people tried to curry favor with him, and that made him feel annoyed.

Fortunately, the guests attending this banquet were all managers and employees of the Nalan's Group. Everyone welcomed Andrew in a friendly way so that he could feel the harmonious atmosphere.

When Lenny noticed Andrew coming, he immediately went to the door to meet him. He said with a warm smile, "Mr. Deng, on behalf of the Nalan's Group, it is a great honor for us that you could attend our banquet."

Although Andrew was just a finance major at Q University, he had a strong family background and outstanding abilities.

That was enough to make Lenny respect him very much.

"Mr. Nalan, you're too kind. However, I didn't come here today to listen to your compliments. I've got a clear understanding of the relevant information of the Mu's Group, and I'll be responsible for taking action tomorrow. But I have several requirements that you'll have to meet!"

Lenny's eyes narrowed in anger, but he soon regained his composure. Andrew's attitude always made him feel uncomfortable, but he had to suppress his anger.

After all, he needed Andrew's help for now. So Lenny asked patiently, "Mr. Deng, I'm very grateful to you for your help. Just tell me about your requirements, and I promise to meet them."

Andrew wanted to provoke Lenny by saying that, but he didn't expect Lenny to remain so calm.

He suddenly felt that he might have misjudged Lenny because he was proving to be a shrewd opponent.

"First. I need an operations team that does everything for me," Andrew claimed.

Lenny thought for a moment and nodded. "Okay, no problem!"

Then Andrew continued with his demands. "Second. I have my style of doing things, and I don't want you to participate in my decision-making,"

he said as he pointed to Lenny with a disdainful look. All the employees of the Nalan's Group looked at Lenny in

ed, she and Charles sat in the backyard, enjoying the beautiful night view.

The moon was like a shy little girl, hiding half her face behind the clouds

and peeking down at the earth. The stars twinkled high above like the eyes of a naive and mischievous child. They also looked like the eyes of a mysterious wise man.

However, the quiet atmosphere didn't last long. A sudden knock on the door broke the tranquility.

A security guard informed them that a woman had come to the door and she seemed to be Lenny's secretary. He asked Charles if he could open the door.

"Yvonne?" Charles was a bit confused. 'It's so late now. Why has she come to my house?

What the hell is she doing here?' he wondered.

"Let her in," Linda said to the security guard.

"Dear, do you really want her to come in? We don't know what has happened yet," Charles said with a frown.

Linda gently kissed his cheek and said, "Darling, we can ask her when she comes in."

Then she got up and went to the living room. Watching her walk away, Charles shook his head with a smile. Then suddenly he became serious as if he was thinking about something important.

Soon afterward, he also got up and followed her to the living room.

Since Yvonne was roughly escorted out of the banquet hall, she was a bit disheveled. Her makeup had been messed up by her tears, which made her look embarrassed.

"It's so late in the evening. Why have you come to see me?" Charles asked. He was sitting on the sofa, and Linda was quietly leaning on his shoulder.

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