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   Chapter 1060 Lead The Way

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 4771

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Lenny regarded her not only as his secretary but also as a gift that he could use to capture and tempt people whenever he needed something from them.

Andrew was the only son of the Deng Clan in the capital city and a well-known financial genius.

Thanks to him, the Deng Clan's enterprises had survived financial crises several times. Moreover, the Deng Clan had grown to become one of the top clans in the capital city even though it had only been a second-rate clan not long ago.

So, the Deng Clan valued Andrew very much.

Lenny had given the Deng Clan a hand during one of the financial crises, so Andrew owed Lenny.

That was why Lenny had decided to call in the favor and use Andrew to destroy Charles's fame.

In fact, his idea was to completely destroy the Mu's Group with Andrew's help.

If Andrew succeeded, the Nalan's Group could submerge the Mu's Group and grow dramatically.

Andrew looked Yvonne over from head to toe and then said, "Get out of here!"

Before Yvonne came here, Lenny had told her that she had to be polite to Andrew no matter how he treated her.

So, instead of showing her anger, she smiled at Andrew and said, "So you're saying I'm not charming enough for you, right, young boy?"

Since Andrew was only a college student and much younger than her, Yvonne could call him "young boy."

But Andrew did not want to behave as she expected.

"I came here for the lecture, but

d his own aim. After that, Lenny could react or retaliate however he wanted.

The course Andrew was taking was taught by the most famous professor at Q University, the doctoral advisor, Professor Wang.

Before the lecture started, Andrew spent half an hour reading through all the information that Lenny had sent to him.

Professor Wang's lecture was really good and inspired Andrew a great deal.

That was the reason that Andrew had come to attend this class even though he rarely came to the classrooms these days.

Soon, the class ended. When Andrew walked out of the lecture hall, he saw Yvonne waiting at the door.

"Mr. Deng, please. Mr. Nalan has invited you to have dinner with him. If I can't guarantee your presence there, I will be fired.

Could you do me a favor and come with me to see Mr. Nalan?"

Looking at the extremely pitiful expression on Yvonne's face, Andrew smiled coldly. "Yes, well, you can lead the way now."

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