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   Chapter 1059 I’ll Make You Suffer A Lot

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"That gentleman from Nine-Wave Net, let's start with you." Wiseman pointed to the nearest seat, and the assistant immediately gave a microphone to the reporter.

The reporter from Nine-Wave Net was obviously a bit shocked and flattered. Almost all the other reporters present were from big media companies.

At such press conferences, they were usually given the chance to ask questions first.

It was the first time he had been so lucky that he momentarily forgot the questions he had prepared to ask Charles, making him feel embarrassed.

He felt his hand trembling as he held the microphone.

"Mr. Mu, I... This is the first time I'm getting a chance to ask questions..."

Charles could see how nervous he was, so he comforted him. "It doesn't matter. Don't be nervous, everyone experiences a first time.

What question do you want to ask?"

Thanks to Charles's comforting words, the reporter finally remembered what he wanted to ask. "Hello, Mr. Mu. This is the question I want to ask you.

Since the Nalan's Group has declared war on the Mu's Group, what corresponding measures are you going to take next?"

This really was a good question. It was what the reporters from the other media companies were also curious about.

Charles gave the reporter a meaningful smile. After thinking for a moment, he said, "Although this is the first time this gentleman is getting to ask a question, he has easily hit the nail on the head.

He'll be a great reporter in the future!"

All the reporters present laughed warmly.

"What I want to say is that the Nalan's Group and the Mu's Group have been competitors for years, so I have a general understanding of the offensive strategies adopted by the Nalan's Group.

Of course I'll take some corresponding preventive measures, but I'm afraid I can't t

n't you know what I want now? Be my master and let me serve you.

You can even take me as your woman..."

"Stop saying that! You might like men but I don't," Andrew answered without stopping.

Gaylord wasn't willing to give up, so he followed after Andrew, trying to persuade him.

Climbing the stairs, Andrew looked in the direction of the seat he usually sat in.

To his surprise, he saw a young lady dressed in skimpy clothes sitting there. Her breasts were almost popping out from her dress.

"Are you sitting in the wrong seat, Miss?" Andrew asked. Hearing Andrew's words, the young lady turned to him, showing him her cleavage.

It was apparent that Andrew was her target.

"You're Andrew Deng, right? Mr. Nalan sent me here to meet you. He said that you might like me!"

the young lady said to Andrew, giving him a come-hither look.

Before Andrew replied to her, Gaylord exclaimed instantly, "Mr. Nalan? You mean the Nalan's Group that keeps being mentioned in the news recently?

The chairman of that Nalan's Group?"

"That's right," the lady answered, shooting Gaylord a glance before turning back to Andrew. "So, shall we talk outside?"

The young lady was Yvonne, of course.

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