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   Chapter 1057 Disappear

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5502

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Hunter began to make himself familiar with the company's business so that he could take charge of the company as soon as possible.

Since Hunter was staying back at the office, Wiseman became Charles's driver.

The whole way, Charles sat in the backseat with his arm around Linda.

Linda, who was resting her head on Charles's shoulder, sat up all of a sudden. With a serious look on her face, she said, "Charles, did you notice the way Lenny looked at us when he left?"

Charles stroked her hair and said calmly, "Yes, of course. What about it?"

"Although I don't often meet Lenny, I know his abilities very well.

He will only show that look when he's determined to do something evil! Just like what he did to Walsh"

Hearing Linda's words, Charles couldn't help laughing. "Linda, you don't need to worry about that. Lenny is not as powerful as he used to be.

Over the years, his proud spirit has been dampened a lot. Besides, I'm not Walsh.

If he wants to fight me, he'll have to weigh his abilities!"

Linda furrowed her brows. She knew that although Charles had beaten Lenny this time, he shouldn't take it lightly.

So, she warned him again. "Charles, although we are victorious this time, you must not forget that Lenny has declared war on you through his eyes!"

"Really?" Charles smiled. "I'm just waiting for him to declare war.

That way, we'll have a chance to take advantage of his weakness."

Linda was a bit confused. But just when she was about to ask him a question, Charles moved closer to her and gave her a kiss.

They slowly became intimate in the backseat of the car, which made Wiseman very envi

Skyriver Trade Corporation.

Moreover, he paid a huge sum of liquidated damages according to the contracts."

No sooner had Wiseman finished his words than Charles frowned. Perhaps this was a good thing in the eyes of other people.

By doing this, Lenny had not only humiliated himself but also suffered a financial loss.

So why was Charles frowning?

Since Charles was an expert in business, he knew very well that Lenny was by no means a man who would give up easily.

'Since Lenny was able to weigh the pros and cons in such a short time, it proved that he was ready to fight back.

If he doesn't give up his small interests decisively, he is likely to lose more, ' Charles thought to himself.

Wiseman understood this too, but Charles understood it better.

"Wiseman, I want to hold a press conference. Help me invite all the famous and experienced people in the media circle."

It was obvious that Charles was starting to deploy his plan.

Wiseman nodded although he didn't know what Charles was going to announce.

He always carried out his orders unconditionally.

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