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   Chapter 1054 A Secret Feeling Of Getting Worried

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7101

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In the afternoon, Hunter asked to meet Ronald to discuss the issue of transferring the finances.

Ronald said in embarrassment, "Mr. Hu, to tell you the truth, I'm not very clear about the contract."

Hunter had already expected to hear this from Ronald. He pretended to contemplate the matter for a while. "Well, I see.

The contract we will sign is a professional financial one. Let's do it like this. You can bring the accountant in your company and let him check the contract.

It will be good for both of us," he suggested.

Ronald nodded, thinking that this was a good idea. He thought that the accountant was his man and that he could probably get something out of it.

So, Ronald agreed to Hunter's suggestion.

That night, Ronald met Hunter again, but this time with his accountant. Hunter was already waiting for them at their meeting place.

Seeing Ronald and the accountant, Hunter waved to them.

Ronald walked over to Hunter in a hurry. Since it would be announced soon that Lenny wasn't the chairman anymore, Ronald did not want to give up this opportunity.

Hunter looked at Ronald, and then at the accountant behind Ronald. He said in a calm tone, "Mr. Zhuo, I don't want to beat around the bush. I'm actually taking a great risk to bring this document from my company.

You should be clear that the worth of this contract is far more than 200 billion!"

Hunter said, shaking the document in his hand.

Ronald smiled in response and gestured to the accountant to check the document.

Hunter handed the document to the accountant and gazed at him deeply. Then, he said to the accountant, "Read it carefully as this will decide whether we can go ahead or not!"

Ronald thought that Hunter was merely telling the accountant to check the contract carefully, so he didn't pay too much attention to his words.

But the accountant understood the true meaning of Hunter's words. Hunter wasn't speaking about the fake contract that he was holding now, but the real contracts of transferring stock!

Anyway, to make it look like the contract in his hand was a legitimate one, the accounta

lped Charles get Ronald's signature and stamp, Charles was supposed to pay an extra 20 million to him.

After everything was done, the accountant was supposed to go abroad and never come back.

"Boss, please believe me. Since I've given my word, I will do it. I've already booked a ticket on a flight tonight!"

the accountant said with a smile, taking an air ticket from his bag and showing it to Charles.

"It is really good to cooperate with a smart person. I wish you all the best in the US!" Charles said, shaking hands with the accountant.

Then, the accountant left his office.

In the business field, there was always hunters and speculators.

This time, Charles had acted as a hunter and gained a lot!

Looking at the stock transferring contract, Charles curled up his lips into a smile.

He could definitely win in the shareholders' meeting of Skyriver Trade Corporation tomorrow.

At this moment, Ronald had no idea of what was actually happening and that he was of no use to anyone.

So, he was still drinking with Hunter, talking about the beautiful future he had planned.

Meanwhile, Lenny was losing sleep for no reason.

He had been doing business for dozens of years and his business had always gone well, so he'd barely lost sleep over it.

But now, thinking of the shareholders' meeting tomorrow, Lenny felt disturbed and worried even though he couldn't figure out why.

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