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   Chapter 1053 Begin A New

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Several top financial talents, including Wiseman, got together inside Charles's office, Determinedly, they decided to sit there and carry out their stock operations.

Before getting down to the job, Charles took off his suit. There was a sudden change in the atmosphere like a fierce fight was about to begin.

"Buy 5, 000 shares at 20 dollars per share!" he blurted out. This was the first move that Charles had made, and it stunned Wiseman.

"Boss, the costs will be considerably high if you raise the price..." Before Wiseman could finish his words, Charles waved his hand, and then ordered, "Just do as I tell you to!"

Without any other choice, Wiseman just followed the order issued by Charles and led other stock operators to place pending orders.

On the other side, Lenny had also asked his financial team to fight back against stock operations of the Mu's Group.

"Buy 6, 000 shares at 21 dollars per share!"

While commanding, Lenny muttered to himself, "Charles Mu, if you want to play with me, just do it as you wish! I am curious to see how many shares you can acquire!


"Buy 10, 000 shares at 22 dollars per share!" Charles declared.

"Buy 10, 000 shares at 23 dollars per share!" Lenny retorted back.

So far, the stock operations seemed akin to a price war. Both parties insisted on buying shares at a price higher than their rival's.

Originally, Wiseman was a little puzzled at Charles's sudden burst of determination. He couldn't understand why he had raised the price at the beginning of the stock operations. But now, it finally dawned on Wiseman that Lenny seemed to be foolish, so Charles wanted him to buy the shares at a higher price.

This just reflected how terrible their opponent was.

"They want to reduce our possession of shares by this price war," Wiseman reminded Charles as soon as he realized this, but Charles was indifferent to his reminder.

At the very beginning, the stock price of Skyriver Trade Corporation was about to approach the limit down, but now it even reached the limit up all because of Charles' rash decision for raising the stock price.

The operators felt a little disappointed about the current situation. All of them thought that Charles knew nothing about stock operations yet he was determined to give arbitrary orders.

The stock trading was suspended in the morning. Patting Wiseman on his shoulder, Charles took him to a cafe on the first floor of the Mu's Group.

"You think that I was too impulsive and arbitrarily ordered you to perform the stock operations, don't you?" It was not until Charles dropped this question that his serious face twisted into a victorious smile.

Wiseman made no reply but Charles had exactly read his mind.

"Believe in my operations. The show time will not begin until this afternoon!"

In spite of Charles's consolation, Wiseman still had doubts swarming in his mind. The stock price had nearly reached the limit up. He couldn't fathom how the tables would turn. However, he thought it was best to remain silent.

It was inadvisable to make

nt there had witnessed Charles's strength. Never before had they seen anyone so capable.

With 3% shares acquired from individual shareholders and 8% shares transferred from the accountant, now Charles had possessed 11% shares of Skyriver Trade Corporation.

Next, he only had to get the 20% shares from Ronald.

Once he succeeded in that, he would become the controlling shareholder of Skyriver Trade Corporation by holding 31% shares.

After reaching that position, Charles could easily remove Lenny's name from the list of Skyriver Trade Corporation. He was thrilled to exercise his veto power at the Board of Directors meeting.

His goal to become the owner of the company was getting closer and closer.

For this purpose, now he had to switch his attention to Ronald. "Hunter, now you have a task to put on another good show!"

Charles declared. He had planned everything well to get the shares from Ronald.

"Boss, please rest assured. I will absolutely fulfill the task!" Hunter replied in an obliging tone. He then bowed to show Charles his seriousness.

"Okay! Now, you go find Ronald, give this false contract to him and ask him to sign it!" Charles handed Hunter a contract with many pages.

Looking at this share transfer agreement, Hunter was a little baffled.

He couldn't help but add with a frown, "Boss, I don't think he will agree to sign this agreement.

He is no fool to fall for this!"

With a smile, Charles replied, "He is not a fool, sure, but I am not an idiot either. I have arranged everything well. The accountant of Skyriver Trade Corporation will meet you with Ronald.

Your only task is to draft a capital transfer agreement and submit it to the accountant along with the share transfer agreement.

That's all I am asking you to do, so don't disappoint me."

Hunter instantly took the contract and then hinted to Charles that he was leaving.

Looking outside through the window, Charles found that the night had fallen. And now Skyriver Trade Corporation was about to begin a new chapter.

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