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   Chapter 1052 A Fierce Battle

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7159

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In the beginning, Ronald did consider getting rid of Lenny and starting his own business, but he knew that he wasn't capable enough and was afraid of how Lenny would retaliate.

If Lenny used his power and influence and forcefully took over Skyriver Trade Corporation, Ronald would lose a lot more than he gained.

This was precisely why the meeting with Hunter had piqued Ronald's interest.

Thinking of Lenny's scolding and insult as well as Yvonne's betrayal, Ronald nearly agreed to Hunter's plan.

But at the end of the day, he was a coward. And ever since the day Lenny had talked to him in his office, he had become as timid as a mouse.

He didn't dare to take any risks. However, deep in his mind, he kept thinking about how to get rid of Lenny's control.

Ronald had gone from appreciating Lenny's help to hating him.

He lay awake all night, with Hunter's words repeatedly flashing in his mind.

With the money of the Mu's Group, he would be free to do anything.

The next morning, Lenny received an express delivery. He casually opened the parcel, and a few pictures scattered onto the floor.

When he saw Ronald and Hunter talking happily in the pictures, his face clouded over.

He knew Hunter's identity and had even given him three days to think over his offer.

But during this crucial time, Hunter had unexpectedly contacted Ronald instead.

Lenny was innately suspicious. Of course, what he didn't know was that Charles had asked Wiseman to send him these pictures.

Since Ronald was hesitating to make a decision, they would make Lenny declare the start of the battle.

After thinking it over, Lenny finally decided to tell Ronald to come to his office again.

When Ronald saw the pictures on Lenny's table, he knew that Lenny wouldn't let him go.

He immediately assumed that Lenny didn't trust him and had sent someone to spy on him.

With that thought, he finally made a decision.

"Ronald, I am disappointed in you!" Lenny roared like a furious lion.

Ronald lowered his head and remained silent, but there was fury in his eyes.

He wasn't listening to Lenny cursing at him at all. I

e moneymaker of the company and owned 8 percent of the stock of Skyriver Trade Corporation.

If along with the accountant's stock, Charles acquired the 3 percent on the stock market and gained Ronald's stock of 20 percent in some way, he would control Skyriver Trade Corporation today.

Charles wouldn't have supported that accountant with so much money for no reason. Armies are to be maintained for years but used on a single day.

Now, it was time for the accountant to pay Charles back.

Before the stock market opened, Charles seized the chance and called that accountant.

He told the accountant about his plan and how to deal with Ronald.

After Charles talked to the accountant, Wiseman finally came back to his office.

"Boss, I have spread the news. Skyriver Trade Corporation almost hit the daily limit at the negotiating stage."

Charles nodded but didn't make any comment. Soon after, the most capable trader team of the financial department gathered in his office.

As expected, when the stock market opened at 9:30 in the morning, because of the news that the management would be reorganized, Skyriver Trade Corporation's share price went down by 6 percent in an instant and was about to hit the daily limit.

At the same time, in a big office, Lenny was looking at the trend of the share price and wrinkling his brows.

He knew that there would be a fierce battle in the stock market today.

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