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   Chapter 1051 He Will Show Great Interest In The Pictures

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"Can we pay TC Film Corporation in installments?" Charles asked with his eyebrows knitted.

"I think that's impossible. When we negotiated with the CEO of TC Film Corporation, we asked him if the payment could be made in installments.

He said that they were willing to give up TC Film Corporation because their group was in a transformation stage, but only on the premise that we would make the payment in a lump sum,"

Linda said while shaking her head.

Charles immediately understood what Linda meant.

Unless he promised to pay a higher amount of money to them, it would be impossible to get them to agree to receive the payment in installments.

But if he increased the amount of payment, the Mu's Group would suffer from a greater lack of working capital in the future.

So, the shortage of working capital couldn't be handled merely by paying in installments.

"Well, how about financing from the stock market?"

Charles had his eyebrows furrowed as he asked this question.

He knew very well about the risks of financing from the stock market.

"Stocks are issued for the purpose of financing. But if we cash out on our stocks, we will go against the basic rules.

Moreover, the capital flow of the Mu's Group will become volatile if we make one wrong move,"

Linda reminded Charles seriously.

"You're right. But don't worry, I will think hard and find an alternative solution!" Charles comforted Linda, wanting to relieve her worries. After all, she had to take care of Little Tomato.

He understood how exhausting it was for Linda to look after Little Tomato, so he did everything he could to ease Linda's worries about the business of the Mu's Group.

Right at this moment, Little Tomato started crying. "You see, our little baby is crying. She must be hungry.

Go and feed her!"

Charles said gently, elbowing Linda's back. After Linda left, he was once again lost in deep thought. This acquisition plan had to be executed smoothly.

However, it was now being hindered by the scarcity of capital.

In spite of this problem, Charles didn't lose hope. He had planned on acquiring Skyriver Trade Corporation without a fight.

So, he wasn't too worried about the current lack of working capital.

As long as TC Film Corporation was successfully acquired, it could be put into operation right away.

After the successful acquisition, Charles would be able to gain returns on his earlier investment in the acquisition.

Time passed very quickly.

The next morning when Hunter stepped into his office, he saw a yellow Kraft envelope on his desk.

Hunter opened the envelope in amazement. Inside, there was an MP3 player and a mobile

s slowly being coaxed to the surface by Hunter.

"But even if I get such an enormous amount of money, it will be impossible for me to have the money transferred." Ronald was not a fool.

If he was going to conspire with Hunter, he had to consider all the problems that he would encounter first.

"That's easy. Aren't you in a management position at Skyriver Trade Corporation? If you make this company truly your own, you will be able to make overseas investments with the money.

After that, you can move abroad and lead a happy life."

Hunter was trying to get Ronald to become the legal representative and actual controller of Skyriver Trade Corporation. If Ronald did that, it would be easy for the Mu's Group to acquire Skyriver Trade Corporation as long as they kept Ronald under their control.

Ronald didn't agree to cooperate with Hunter right away. Instead, he said that he had to think it over first. Hunter didn't want to force Ronald to make a decision at once, so he nodded.

The two of them shook hands with each other before they left.

Unbeknownst to Ronald, the whole meeting had been photographed. Wiseman had been covertly sitting a few tables away and taking photographs of Ronald and Hunter talking to each other with a high-resolution camera.

When Hunter got into Wiseman's black car, Wiseman held up his SD card to him. "Since Ronald hasn't made a sure decision, we can do something to nudge him along,"

he said with a cold smile.

Hunter smiled back and responded, "I'm sure that Lenny will show great interest in these pictures if we put them on his desk.

After that, we can find Ronald and talk to him again!"

The two of them burst into laughter. Their laughter gradually faded as the car sped away and whizzed past the street lights.

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