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   Chapter 1050 Worries

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When Ronald was called to Lenny's office by Yvonne, he was a bit confused.

He had fallen in love with Yvonne the moment he had seen her, when she had first come to Skyriver Trade Corporation. However, since she was Lenny's private secretary, Ronald felt inferior to her. Moreover, she didn't take him seriously at all.

Because of this, all Ronald could do was repress his desire for her.

But every time he saw Yvonne, his eyes were full of lust.

When Lenny saw Ronald, he didn't question him directly about the information he'd heard. Instead, he asked, "Ronald, you've been working at Skyriver Trade Corporation for a while now. Have you familiarized yourself with the business there?"

The truth was that Ronald had no business sense at all. He wasn't even capable of balancing financial accounts, let alone doing business.

So when Lenny asked that question, Ronald hesitated, just wanting to muddle through the answer.

Of course, Lenny knew that Ronald was incompetent in doing business, so he didn't keep pressing him for more information.

He just stared at him with cold eyes.

Ronald suddenly felt guilty. Ever since he'd taken over Skyriver Trade Corporation, he had been bribing the accountant.

On the surface, there was nothing wrong with the company's accounts. But the truth was, Ronald had embezzled the company's funds more than once.

This was the reason why Ronald felt guilty and tried to dodge Lenny's sharp eyes. Seeing that Ronald was afraid to look him straight in the eye, Lenny realized that Ronald was hiding something from him.

Immediately assuming that the news Yvonne had told him was true, Lenny became distressed. "You... Do you think I don't know what you've done?

You've let me down!"

Ronald felt that his dirty trick had been discovered by Lenny, so he immediately pleaded, "Mr. Nalan, I'll never dare to do that again.

I swear I'll never do that again!"

Lenny was surprised that Ronald would confess his misdeed so easily. "Do you realize your fault? When I offered to let you work in my company, I didn't ask you to come here as an idler.

What makes me even more disappointed is that you're helping others damage the interests of the company!"

Seeing that Lenny was so angry, Ronald thought that his secret embezzlement of the com

s enough to cover the liabilities that will be incurred during the acquisition."

"That's good. What's wrong with that?" asked Charles.

Linda shook her head thoughtfully. "I've analyzed the information sent by Wiseman.

Since the TC Film Corporation is the leading firm in the entertainment industry, we need at least 200 million dollars of working capital to buy it.

But right now, we can only take about 300 million dollars of working capital from the financial industry."

Charles also furrowed his brows slightly. "That is to say, once we implement the acquisition plan in accordance with the contract, we'll likely fail in buying Skyriver Trade Corporation because of the lack of liquidity?"

Charles had many years of business experience, so when he heard Linda's words, he immediately became aware of the problem he was facing.

"If we raise working capital through pledging the steel, our production pace is likely to be disrupted. But if we borrow money from the bank, we're likely to face greater risks once Lenny hits back."

Linda was used to considering the pros and cons of a problem. The Mu's Group did a lot of business, but there were also a lot of problems that came with it, among which the shortage of working capital was a more serious one.

Although the problem hadn't come yet, it would be a fatal blow to the Mu's Group once the crisis broke out.

So, although Linda felt excited when she heard that Charles had succeeded in carrying out his preliminary plan, she also couldn't help but worry.

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