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   Chapter 1049 Try To Find If It Was True

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"Okay!" When Yvonne turned to leave, Hunter finally agreed to her request.

"Really? You are so nice to me. I don't know how to repay you!" Yvonne rushed into Hunter's arms with tears in her eyes.

Just as she was about to take off her clothes, Hunter's cell phone rang.

"Shh! It's my boss!" Hunter gestured to Yvonne to keep quiet and then answered the phone.

"Hello, boss. Yes. Okay. TC Film Corporation? Okay. I'm coming right now!" Then, he hung up the phone.

Hearing that the phone call was related to TC Film Corporation, Yvonne hurried to ask, "What? What happened?"

Hunter had an apologetic look on his face. "My boss said that he has some more ideas regarding the merger of TC Film Corporation.

He is still at the office now and asked me to go there."

Hearing that, Yvonne melted in his arms like a shy little woman. She held Hunter's arm and said gently, "Okay, go ahead. Remember what you promised me!"

Hunter nodded and then left the hotel.

Then, he climbed into a black car parked nearby.

After Hunter left, Yvonne took out a recorder pen from her bag on the bedside table and pressed the save button.

She sneered and then texted Lenny a simple sentence: "The fish is hooked."

On the other side, Wiseman joked in the black car, "You are a good actor.

You made Yvonne anxiously throw herself on you!"

Hunter shook his head helplessly. "Wiseman, only you could figure out such a solution. That woman is too much.

I could barely control myself. If you hadn't called me in time, I don't know what I would have done next."

"You could barely control yourself. If a beauty hugs you, just accept her." Wiseman laughed.

"Come on. Be serious. If you're so capable, you play the role," Hunter mumbled.

Wiseman laughed for a while before regaining his composure. "Fine. Let's not criticize each other.

Hurry up and report to the boss about what is going on!"

Charles had been lying awake all night waiting for the news from Wiseman.


er but silently thought about it.

He was called the sly old fox because he would think about the cause and effect of everything and then prepare several plans.

This was what had made Lenny successful in the commercial field all these years, but it also revealed a deadly weakness of his, being suspicious.

Lenny would never trust anybody around him, and Charles made use of this point.

"Since Hunter gave you that information, I don't think it's nothing. Tell Ronald to come to my office,"

Lenny finally stated after a long time.

Lenny had taken Ronald in because he didn't want Ronald to expose the secret that he had bribed the police chief, and because he would rather take Ronald as a paid lackey than accept Patricia as his daughter-in-law.

He had wanted Ronald to be a target so that he would have an excuse to fight against the Mu Clan.

But contrary to his expectations, this lackey didn't seem to be well-behaved.

Had Ronald and Charles come to some agreement when Ronald had been in the Mu Clan's villa?

The more Lenny thought about it, the more he believed that it could be true.

If Ronald was on Charles's side and Skyriver Trade Corporation was lost, it would be a great loss to the Nalan's Group.

So, Lenny decided to ask Ronald in person if the information Hunter had given was true.

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