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   Chapter 1048 Found The Person That I Could Rely On

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Feeling a little feverish and sexually aroused, Hunter loosened his tie. He looked at Yvonne and said, "I'm single, and I feel lonely. Are you lonely too?"

Hunter tried to put his right arm around Yvonne's waist, but she swiftly dodged.

Then, she took a small step back from him.

"I don't have a boyfriend, so of course I feel a bit lonely."

Hunter laughed inwardly. He had already investigated the relationship between Yvonne and Lenny, including their relationship outside of work.

After his investigation, he had found something very interesting about the relationship they had.

Now, Lenny had ordered Yvonne to intentionally approach Hunter to take advantage of him. Unfortunately for her, he was the one who was going to take advantage of her.

"Miss Liu, ever since the first time I met you, I've lost a piece of my heart to you. I've even imagined about all the time we could spend together.

Every time I thought of you, I missed you so much!"

Hunter was coming on strong. Feeling that Hunter had a favorable impression of her and that this was the right time for her to throw herself at him, Yvonne responded like a spoiled child, "We could spend time together...but it's too noisy here.

Shall we find a quiet place to get to know each other?"

Upon hearing these words, Hunter shifted closer to Yvonne. This time, he directly put his arms around her shoulders.

Since Yvonne had just put on a pole dance performance, she was dressed in a strapless top and tiny shorts.

Looking at her soft and slender thighs, Hunter found it hard to control his sexual desire.

Yvonne moved her face closer to his and asked in a cute voice, "Where would you like to go?"

"Regent Hotel is nearby. It's very quiet there. And if we stay in that hotel, we can also view the cityscape at night. It will be the best place for us to have a heart-to-heart talk,"

Hunter replied, holding Yvonne's hand, which was as smooth as porcelain. As he gently stroked her fair skin, a shiver ran down his spine.

Yvonne pulled her hand free from his, stood up and said, "It's too stuffy here. Let's go and appreciate the cityscape at night."

Hunter cracked his fingers, took several hundred-dollar bills and tossed them on the counter.

"Keep the change!"

he said before turning around and walking out of the pub with Yvonne.

To get something valuable from Yvonne, Hunter booked a presidential suite at the Re

ords that he almost jumped up. Her suggestion seemed to have put him at a loss. He stared at Yvonne in amazement.

For a long time, he just kept silent.

Yvonne wasn't in a hurry to get an answer from him. She pushed herself against him, touching his chest with her left hand while gently rubbing his thighs with her right hand.

Along with the fragrant smell from her hair, Hunter felt like all his senses were overloaded.

He was almost put in a daze by the allurement, but he knew that he couldn't let this woman subdue him. "But my boss treats me very well. You're asking me to disclose the details of the acquisition plan to you, but I don't think I can do that."

Thereafter, the two of them fell silent.

Finally, Yvonne said, "The truth is, I fell in love with you at first sight. Can you understand how I feel?"

Hunter had no choice but to nod in response.

"Lenny has promised me that he will give us an enormous amount of money after we fulfill this task. With that money, we will be able to go anywhere we want. We can even move to a foreign country to lead the kind of life that we're dreaming about.

Don't you want to be with me?"

Yvonne sobbed as she uttered these words, staring at Hunter with strange fire in her eyes.

"Sure. But I think you know very well about my boss's strength. He definitely won't let go of us, because we will violate commercial laws if we do that."

"Well, forget it then. I thought that I had finally found a man that I could rely on. But now..." Yvonne heaved a sigh of disappointment.

Filled with great anger, she turned around to leave the suite.

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