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   Chapter 1047 Create A Rift Between Lenny And Ronald

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"Do you mean that we should create a rift between Lenny and Ronald?" Charles asked.

Wiseman laughed and then showed another picture on the screen. "After Ronald became the president of Skyriver Trade Corporation, as a new official, he applied strict measures. But since he doesn't know how to manage a company, he didn't give proper orders. It made Lenny furious. Lenny even gave Ronald a good scolding during a shareholders' meeting. This is the information we've gotten so far."

"I heard about that too," one of the WSS members said.

Charles remained silent, waiting for Wiseman to continue.

"Ever since that shareholders' meeting, Ronald has been restraining himself and leaving most of the company's decisions to the board of directors. But Ronald likes to haggle over every ounce. He would certainly bear a grudge against Lenny."

Hearing that, Charles finally stopped being serious and smiled. He knew that he could make Skyriver Trade Corporation break down from the inside, but it seemed that it wouldn't be easy to create a rift between Ronald and Lenny.

Ronald knew that Lenny was the one backing him up. Without Lenny, he would be a nobody, so he wouldn't easily offend Lenny openly.

Charles knew that Wiseman wouldn't have said those words without a plan in mind.

"Wiseman, do you have a solution?" Charles asked with a smile.

Wiseman coughed and opened the third picture mysteriously. The picture showed an extremely beautiful woman.

"Why are you showing us a woman? Is this a new woman you're pursuing?" The WSS members laughed one after another.

"Come on. We are talking about business!" Wiseman said seriously, waving them away. "This woman is Yvonne Liu, Lenny's secretary. On the first day that Ronald entered Skyriver Trade Corporation, Lenny sent her to the company to help him. But in fact, she went there to monitor Ronald."

Charles touched his chin thoughtfully. "Since she's working for Lenny, what use does

e he knew that she was just pretending to be haughty. He righted his tie like a gentleman but his eyes were filled with lust. He looked like a lewd man who thought with his crotch.

"I don't think it is my honor," Yvonne replied, casually turning to look at Hunter.

Hunter didn't let Yvonne's indifference bother him at all. "It's late now, Miss Liu. Why are you drinking alone at a bar instead of being with your husband at home?"

As he spoke, he moved closer to Yvonne and touched her hand intentionally.

Yvonne looked at Hunter with allure in her eyes. "I'm not married. What about you?"

Since Yvonne was finally giving him a proper response, Hunter knew that he had successfully won her trust. Although he felt excited about it, he concealed his true emotions.

Instead, he pretended like he was anxious to have sex with a beautiful woman that he had dreamed about for a long time.

Hunter's expression didn't escape Yvonne's eyes. In her mind, she thought this was an easy man to fool. As long as she gave him what he wanted, he would probably reveal the group's secret.

On the other hand, Hunter laughed inwardly because of how well their plan was going. The game Hunter and Yvonne were playing was like something out of a crime film, secretly trying to fool and undermine each other.

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