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   Chapter 1046 There Is Another Option

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The next day, Charles went to his company a bit early. He had something important to deal with regarding Ronald.

It was still very early in the morning, but Paul was already waiting in his office for Wiseman to arrive, along with another man who was dressed in casual clothes. Wiseman, whose real name was Wilson Li, was one of the members of the WSS and an official who was especially good at waging commercial warfare slyly. He could be reckoned as Charles' right-hand man in the company; he had successfully carried out dozens of mergers and acquisitions for the Mu's Group.

He was extremely skilled in recruitment and efficient decision making. Hence, he was also assigned as the CEO of a branch of the Mu's Group. He was so wise that everyone nicknamed him Wiseman.

"Young Master, Wiseman has arrived. He has assured that he can fulfill the task you have assigned independently," Paul reported.

Paul had called Wiseman the previous night to fill him in on the situation. After his call, Wiseman spent the rest of the night doing a thorough survey on the Nalan Clan's enterprises.

The Mu's Group and the Nalan's Group seldom cooperated with each other in the field of commerce. They hadn't become rivals because of Sherry. Although some trivial conflicts of interest occurred frequently between the two groups, it never went out of proportion. Hence, Charles never bothered them, and neither did the Nalan Clan.

After all, Lord Nalan was the one who had the final say in the Nalan Clan in the past.

But now, it was a pity that he was critically ill and remained amnestic.

Charles investigated the Nalan Clan personally. He truly intended to take over the company which was under Ronald's administration.

Since Charles attached such importance to this acquisition, Wiseman had spent the whole night sorting out the related materials. Before the merger and acquisition, he wanted to talk in detail with Charles. As chief advisor of the Mu's Group, he had to take accountability for Charles' every decision.

This acquisition was not Charles' personal business, but had a bearing on the interests of the entire Mu's Group. Any negligence on their part would lead to the Nalan Clan seizing the chance to fight back. That might result in unbearable consequences.

The rivalry between the Mu's Group and the Nalan's Group was like a game of chess. Every move was highly calculated and precise. There were infinite opportunities and risks behind each of their moves. One mistake and the opponent would unleash their fierce counterattack.

To avoid any such mistake, Charles refrained from being impetuous. He was very clear that his opponent was Lenny,

in our province is supported by the government. Although Lenny has appointed Ronald to manage this company, he hasn't delegated any power to him."

Charles finally understood why Wiseman had looked rather worried earlier.

"Wiseman, are you saying that we will be giving Lenny an excuse to break our stalemate if we go ahead with the plan to acquire Skyriver Trade Corporation? So, Ronald is just a decoy all along just to trick us into action?"

After analyzing Wiseman's report, Charles realized that Lenny was trying to get him to make the first drastic move. It was beyond Charles' expectation that Lenny would play such a nasty trick. At first, Charles had thought that Lenny had casually appointed Ronald to take care of some small enterprise which belonged to the Nalan's Group. He was truly shocked that Lenny would actually put Ronald in charge of such an important company just to trick him.

The members of the WSS knew that there would be serious consequences once a battle was waged between the Mu Clan and the Nalan Clan.

Charles figured that he had to further think about the merger and acquisition because this decision was likely to impact all future developments of the Mu's Group. He might end up losing everything if he made the slightest mistake.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose; a headache was imminent.

"However," Wiseman said, "there is another option." He kept his gaze on Charles, who looked up at him in surprise.

Charles sat upright and waited for Wiseman to continue.

"Sow discord in the enemy camp," Wiseman suggested with a grin. Charles felt lucky that Wiseman was not his opponent, or else he would have met a terrifying enemy tactician. Seeing the smile on his face, Charles concluded that Wiseman had figured out a solution.

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