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   Chapter 1045 Have Some Fun

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6326

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On the other side, in the Mu Clan's villa, Charles was furious. He had never thought that Lenny would dare to do such a thing.

When Linda had gone out to face Lenny earlier, Charles hadn't interfered and let her handle it on her own. But when he found out how easily she had let Ronald go, he couldn't understand it.

Linda was Charles's Achilles heel. Since Ronald had dared to hurt Linda and cross his line, Charles would never allow Ronald to go unpunished.

However, Linda didn't feel the same way. She made a cup of coffee and handed it to Charles.

"Honey, no need to be angry. A jerk like him doesn't deserve your anger. He's not even worth thinking about," she said, comforting him gently.

Charles calmed down a bit, but he still couldn't understand why Linda had let Ronald go, so he set down the coffee mug and stared at her before saying, "Honey, Ronald almost killed you." His face was cloudy.

Linda laughed and picked up the mug on the table. "I'll tell you after you finish your coffee."

Charles shook his head helplessly and then drank all the coffee.

"What do you think about the coffee?" Linda asked with a smile.

"Nothing, I drank it so quickly. You need to answer my question first. Do you have any plan in mind?"

Looking at the anxious expression on Charles's face, Linda walked to the couch slowly and then sat down before saying, "You drank the coffee too fast. All my skill and effort has gone to waste. You gulped it down without even realizing how it tastes because you're too anxious."

Charles nodded as if lost in thought, and then sat on the couch next to Linda, pulling her into his arms.

"Honey, what do you mean I'm too anxious? If I hadn't been anxious about what Ronald had done, he would have managed to escape. How can I endure it?"

Linda put her head on Charles's shoulder. "I've handed him over to the police chief. The poli

easy. A poisonous person like Ronald has no capability at all. Lenny just chose the wrong person to manage his company!"

Linda also laughed. "Exactly, that's why I told you not to be impulsive. It seems Lenny thinks he has too many companies, so we should give him a hand with some of his responsibilities."

"That's what I want! The Mu's Group has enough small companies, but having one more won't be a problem. I can make some money to buy bags or jewelry for my wife. Tomorrow I will prepare to merge this company. Let's see how Lenny will treat Ronald then!"

There was disdain in Charles's eyes, but also a hint of excitement about making a move in the business world. An insignificant person like Ronald would never be able to have or understand it.

Charles stood up and walked to the telephone. Then, he called Paul. "Paul, choose some members from the WSS Organization to form a small group. I will let them have some fun!"

"Okay, Young Master!"

Then, Charles ordered, "Find which company of the Nalan Clan Ronald Zhuo has a management position in. I need the detailed information by tomorrow. By the way, inform the members to hurry up and gather at my office at eight o'clock tomorrow morning for a meeting. We need to have some fun."

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