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   Chapter 1044 Finally Relieved

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Jessie once said, "I think your brother won't be back for a while." Patricia finally knew what she meant.

She hadn't thought that Ronald would get something good out of his misfortune. It was ironic that the Mu Clan didn't torture him. Rather, Lenny saved him and even made him a member of the management of Nalan Clan's business. That was too much luck for Ronald.

However, Patricia had rushed out of Nalan Clan's villa just because Lenny only cared about her baby. She got no clue about anything that happened after later.

So, she walked to the kitchen door and cautiously asked, "Thanks to my babies? What the hell happened?"

Holly was in a good mood and was humming as she cooked. Hearing Patricia's question, she turned around and unexpectedly explained, "Well, even if you are not useful anymore, let me still explain what happened since I'm your mother. Lenny promised me to let Ronald manage a profitable company of the Nalan Clan. He also said that Ronald will be a member of their clan, but you..."

Holly gave Patricia a disinterested glance once more and paused. Then she continued disdainfully, "But you have nothing special to do. Your only job is to take care of yourself and keep the babies healthy at home. You are not allowed to go outside randomly.

Moreover, never go to the Nalan Clan's villa, either."

Then as if she said nothing, Holly ignored Patricia and went back to cooking.

She was glad that her son had been saved and the servant was surprised to see the lady cooking by herself.

Holly hadn't cooked in the past dozens of years.

Patricia felt depressed upon hearing Holly. Thus, she went out of the kitchen at once. She didn't want to hear anything from Holly anymore. The vague explanation her mother had given her wasn't what she wanted to get.

Since Holly was unwilling to tell the truth, Patricia decided to just investigate secretly on her own.

She didn't want to see anybody from the Nalan Clan because she was more than sure that they would taunt her again. Thus, she opted to ask

shouldn't be any issue as long as the baby isn't born."

"But the baby is a few months old now! Am I going to be useless once the baby's born? I have done everything but it all went to nothing!" Patricia exclaimed emotionally.

"Don't be so emotional. Listen to me." Jessie patted Patricia again and then massaged her shoulder slowly. That helped Patricia and made her calm.

Jessie then went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea. She brought the tea to Patricia and offered. "Have some tea to loosen up. It's no big deal. Stop panicking whenever something is happening to you, okay?"

Patricia received the teacup and tasted it. The tea's fragrance was relaxing, but she couldn't help doubting about it.

"Listen to me. Now you just need to go back home and look after yourself. It's the most important to keep your baby healthy. Don't worry about what happened to the Nalan Clan. I am here and won't let our effort be in vain. Do you understand?"

Jessie's words were peaceful and confident. It emotionally affected Patricia. Soon enough, Patricia was already calmer and was very different compared to when she came.

"Fine. Go back home. Be careful on the way. Take good care of yourself and protect the baby. Don't fret about anything. Wait for my news."

Finally relieved, Patricia said goodbye to Jessie before taking a cab to go back home.

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