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   Chapter 1043 You Must Be More Restrained

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7923

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Rosy and Jessie stayed inside the car, watching through the window from far away. As Jessie had guessed, the police officer let go of Ronald.

Ronald was so grateful to Lenny for his help that he even burst into tears and nearly knelt down to thank him, but Lenny stopped him before he could. A few moments later, Ronald knelt down again. At the sight of this, Rosy and Jessie guessed that Lenny must have given Ronald an offer that was too good to refuse.

"What do you think has my father offered to Ronald?" Rosy asked in confusion.

After thinking for a second, Jessie responded, "I think he must have offered Ronald a significant place by the Nalan Clan's side. In return, Ronald would have to keep certain things confidential, like the facts that Lenny bribed the police officer and that Patricia is pregnant with Devin's baby."

"Will my father let him stay in the Nalan Clan's villa?" Rosy asked helplessly.

"No, he won't. It is beyond doubt that the Nalan Clan enjoys great prestige and influence in commerce. I guess your father must have given Ronald a business opportunity." Jessie's guess was almost completely correct.

Upon hearing Jessie's words, Rosy pouted and looked rather unhappy.

"Why does my father want to share the Nalan Clan's profits with an outsider?" Rosy complained.

"If your father doesn't make him this offer, the whole business of the Nalan Clan would fail!" Jessie muttered to herself, but her words didn't go unheard by Rosy, who felt that Jessie was making a mountain out of a molehill.

"How could you say that? You're looking down on the Nalan Clan!" Rosy retorted.

Jessie smiled. Taking Rosy by the hand, she said, "Rosy, as an outsider, I see some things more clearly than you."

"But does my father have to keep Ronald around him? Can't he just warn him? Or he can..." Rosy thought that her father could kill Ronald to avoid more troubles. But before she blurted out her idea, she suddenly realized that she had gone too far and immediately stopped herself.

Jessie wasn't angered by her words. "By arranging Ronald to work for him, your father will have the upper hand. In fact, he has made Ronald his pawn!"

Deeply gazing at Jessie, Rosy suddenly thought of Patricia and said, "Do you think that Patricia will no longer be our pawn?" Rosy was quite reluctant to accept this fact.

So was Jessie. She h

her because she had thought that after Patricia became the daughter-in-law of the Nalan Clan, Patricia would help the Zhuo Clan become allies with the Nalan Clan. But now, Holly no longer needed to place her hope on Patricia. Her beloved son, Ronald, had gotten a management job in an enterprise of the Nalan Clan.

So, Holly didn't see any reason to treat Patricia in a kind manner anymore.

"Are you hoping that your brother won't come back?" Holly retorted in a strange and angry voice.

Seeing that her mother's attitude toward her had completely changed, Patricia immediately guessed what had happened. All of a sudden, she felt that life was ironic. Without asking more about her brother's situation, she turned around and walked toward her bedroom.

Suddenly, Holly blurted out, "Well, Patricia, you should learn from your brother. Don't idle away your time every day.

Now, your brother has become the manager of an enterprise of the Nalan Clan. So from now on, you must be more restrained!"

Patricia was overcome by a wave of complex emotions. She was stunned after finding out that things had developed this way.

"Oh, by the way, it is all because of the babies in your womb that Ronald has gotten the chance to work as a manager in the Nalan Clan's enterprise. Remember that you should hand the babies to the Nalan Clan after you give birth to them!" Holly laughed sarcastically as she walked into the kitchen.

She was so happy that she wanted to cook some delicious food for herself. On the other hand, Patricia stood still in a daze for a long time.

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