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   Chapter 1042 I Will Pay You Back

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7448

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In the police car, Lenny said to the chief police officer, "You've done us a great favor today. I will remember that and reward you."

The chief police officer was so nervous that he didn't even dare to breathe heavily in front of Lenny Nalan. The Nalan Clan had great influence in this area, so he couldn't be careful enough when dealing with them.

At that moment, Ronald, who was badly battered and cowering in a corner of the car, looked up and turned to Holly.

"Mother, please help me. I don't want to go to jail!" he cried. If he hadn't been handcuffed to his seat, he would have already hidden behind Holly.

Of course Holly wanted to help her son. She was the kind of person who was never satisfied with what she got. Until now, she'd only been thinking about how to get her son out of the Mu Clan's villa alive. But now that she had achieved it, she was thinking about how to get her son out of being punished by the law.

"Mother, please, help me!" Thinking about how dreadful it would be if he had to spend years in prison, he struggled hard against his handcuffs.

"That's enough! Don't be so noisy!" the chief police officer shouted at Ronald after seeing the unhappy expression on Lenny's face.

Lenny shot the chief police officer a look but didn't say anything. He wasn't worried about what Holly would do next. After all, there was a huge gap between his influence and Holly's.

"Lord Lenny..." Holly started, but Lenny immediately raised his hand and shook it, gesturing for her to be silent. Then, he closed his eyes again. No one knew what was on his mind.

Holly opened her mouth again to speak, but she stopped herself when the chief police officer shot her a cautionary look.

During the rest of the car ride, Lenny's eyes remained shut. He seemed to either be lost in thought or asleep.

A few minutes later, the car stopped at the gate of the police station. It was only then that Lenny opened his eyes. He looked high-spirited and seemed to have an idea.

Before the chief police officer could ask his men to take Ronald into the police station, Lenny stopped him.

"Well, I am old and I feel tired after sitting in the car for so long. Come and take a walk with me," Lenny said t

to him that he would do anything for him.

Lenny patted Ronald on his shoulder and said with a kind smile, "Okay, that's enough. Being a man, you cannot show your tears easily! That is not the way a man should be!"

Hearing Lenny's words, Ronald wiped his tears at once and smiled at Lenny, although his eyes were still swollen.

"Ronald, from now on, you can be one of my helpers. Working for the Nalan Clan is better than hanging around doing nothing!"

Holly could not believe her ears when she heard what Lenny said.

"Are you saying my son can be one of your men?" she asked to make sure that her ears hadn't deceived her.

"Yes, that's what I'm saying. I will choose a sizeable company of the Nalan Clan's with good profit and let Ronald manage it. As long as the company runs smoothly and brings in the expected profit, I will also give him more rewards."

Lenny's smile didn't quite reach his eyes.

Holly had thought that she'd never have the chance to get close to the powerful Nalan Clan after her daughter was refused by Lenny. But now, after finding out that her son was going to be the manager of one of the Nalan Clan's companies, she felt extremely lucky.

She felt deeply grateful to Lenny. Hearing the conversation between Lenny and his mother, Ronald was extremely excited. He had thought that he didn't have any future after what he'd done to the Mu Clan. But now, his life had turned around completely with a promising possibility waiting for him.

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