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   Chapter 1041 Lenny's Plan

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"Jessie, why don't you let me handle it? We have to do something! If we give up, then everything we've worked for will go to waste. I won't let that happen!" Rosy said, gazing anxiously at Jessie.

Jessie was anxious too, but she was more mature than Rosy. She knew that the dust had settled after the meeting between Holly and Lenny. Rosy couldn't change anything even if she rushed to talk to her father.

"Rosy, calm down. Don't be rash in making decisions. Anything you do right now will be counterproductive. We just have to sit tight and see what's going to happen. You know what I mean, right?" Jessie said.

Jessie's words calmed Rosy down. She took a deep breath and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lose my head. I'm just too worried about this.

What do you think? What should we do now? I trust you. I'll do anything you tell me to do."

"I think that we should stand by and do nothing. The best thing we can do is wait. Your father is here. I'm sure he will save Ronald. We can get things back on track after this issue is over," Jessie replied. Hearing Jessie's words, Rosy nodded. Anyway, she didn't have any better ideas. The only thing she could do was to listen to Jessie and wait patiently.

The bodyguards of the Mu Clan lined up in front of the villa's gate, forming a defensive wall to stop the policemen from entering the house.

Next to Lenny stood a servant holding his tea set. Lenny lifted the teacup to his lips and took a sip. It seemed that he was confident in resolving this issue.

Linda frowned when she saw Lenny's unperturbed face. Holly was nobody to her, but Lenny was different.

He was her uncle. She knew that he was both cautious and clever. Today, he'd brought so many police officers here, so it was clear that he didn't plan to stop until he got what he wanted.

"Oh, it's an honor to have your here, Mr. Lenny Nalan," Linda greeted him with a smile.

"Ah, Ms. Xia, I'm flattered, but I'm just an audience for today's show. I'm not the main character," Lenny said, smiling back.

They were talking to each other like they didn't know each other. People who didn't know them would never think that Lenny was Linda's uncle.

"What show? The policemen versus the crazy bitch? I didn't know that you're a fan of crime films," Linda replied.

"What are you talking

was very experienced and regained his composure immediately. "Okay, I see. Ms. Xia, I'll verify your story in person. If what you said is true, that man will be punished and put in prison. But first, I need to see him and take him away," he said.

Lenny walked over to the chief police officer and patted his shoulder. Then, he looked at Linda and smiled, "Yes, if your story is true, I believe that the police will enforce the law impartially. Now, you should let that man go, Ms. Xia."

'Liar! You guys are liars!' Linda thought to herself.

Nevertheless, she told her bodyguards to bring Ronald out of the house. The bodyguards threw him on the ground in front of the gate.

"Ronald! Are you okay? I'm here with you. Don't be afraid, my son," Holly said, rushing to Ronald. Her heart broke when she saw her injured son, but she was also very glad that she'd managed to save him. She couldn't imagine what would have happened to Ronald if he had been stuck in the Mu Clan's villa for a few more days.

"Take him to the car! Let's go back to the police station," the chief police officer ordered. Two policemen firmly held Ronald and pushed him into the car.

Lenny shot a final glance at Linda before getting into the car. Holly hurried to catch up with Lenny and then sat behind him.

Linda watched as the car drove away at full speed. Sneering, she walked back into the house.

Meanwhile, Rosy and Jessie immediately got into Rosy's car and followed the police. Rosy drove very fast because she wanted to know what her father's plan was.

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