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   Chapter 1040 It Is About Patricia

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Updated: 2019-09-10 21:01

Before Holly could say anything more, Linda stopped her by calling out, "Security! Guards!"

The guards had been standing beside the gate. As soon as they heard Linda calling them, they rushed there at once, placing themselves between Linda and Holly.

"Don't let Holly near the Mu Clan villa!"

Although Linda's orders were somewhat ambiguous, it was apparent that she wanted the security guards to drive Holly away.

The guards had held their temper for quite a while. Thus, after they received the order from Linda, they didn't hesitate to act instantly. Without any pity, they grabbed Holly by the arms, carrying her far away from the villa where they tossed her aside like a piece of garbage. Holly fell to the ground and was covered in dirt.

She looked back at Lenny with hope in her eyes just like she had done at the Nalan Clan's villa when she had begged him to save her son. Lenny didn't respond in the slightest. Instead, he remained silent as if Holly was an outsider and meant nothing to him.

Holly became desperate when she noticed that Lenny was indifferent to see her being treated with such low regard. She wondered why he had changed towards her and did nothing, even when the security guards were maltreating her, especially since he promised that he would help her.

This was the reason why Holly failed to become an ally of either the Nalan Clan or the Mu Clan. She couldn't figure out their gaming rules.

Lenny had taken advantage of her, but Holly hadn't worked that out yet. She had falsely assumed the whole time that Lenny would respect her as Devin's mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, when Rosy went back to the Nalan Clan's villa, she discovered that her father wasn't home and she casually asked one of the servants, "Have you seen my father?"

The servant appeared uneasy and replied nervously, "His Lordship has gone out with Holly. I heard that... I heard that..."

"What did you hear? Tell me quickly!" Rosy urged the servant with great anxiety when she discovered that her father had gone somewhere with Holly. Holly was Patricia's mother. Rosy was now afraid that Patricia might be in trouble.

"I heard that they went to the Mu Clan's villa," the servant replied.

"The Mu Clan's villa?" Rosy furrowed her brows, confused as to why the two of them had gone there. She was well aware that Lenny and Linda didn't get along. So she was sure that Lenny wouldn't go to the Mu Clan to find Linda without reason. However, now that she

y would help an ordinary person like Holly and come to the Mu Clan in person to save her son?"

Only after hearing Jessie's words did Rosy realize the gravity of the situation. Soon afterward, she questioned, "Are you saying that my father has probably made some agreement with Holly?"

"Yes, I think so. Holly must have agreed to do something for Lenny, or else your father wouldn't have come here to help her in person!" This was what Jessie worried about the most.

"Then, what do you think that she has agreed to do?" Rosy questioned.

"What could motivate Lenny to help Holly?" After answering her with a question, Jessie remained quiet to let Rosy work it out for herself. It didn't take long for Rosy to understand what Jessie was concerned about and she responded, "It's Patricia!"

Considering Lenny's identity and status, Patricia might be the only bargaining chip that Holly could use in exchange for Lenny's help to save her son.

Recently, Lenny had been disturbed a lot by matters concerning Patricia. Coincidentally, Holly went to seek help from him. He could use this opportunity to handle all matters in regards to Patricia that had been bothering him.

After careful thought, Rosy had concluded that Patricia had probably been sold out by Holly.

At the thought of that, it was hard for Rosy to stand idly by watching. Everything that she had done with Jessie would become futile if Patricia didn't marry Devin and become the Nalan Clan's daughter-in-law.

Rosy refused to allow that to happen. She turned and was about to go over there to speak to them. However, Jessie grabbed her by the arm and stopped her once again.

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