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   Chapter 1039 A Tempest

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Charles and Linda were comforting Little Tomato. The kid had been scared ever since the kidnapping and refused to sleep alone. Linda stayed with her at all times and didn't want her to be mentally exhausted.

Every time Charles saw Little Tomato wake up from her sleep crying, he knew she must have had a nightmare. He hated Ronald more for what he had done to his little girl. He was so angry that he wanted to cut him into pieces.

Fortunately, the little girl wasn't hurt physically. If something had happened to Little Tomato, Ronald wouldn't be alive right now.

They had heard Holly's screaming at the gate earlier, but they turned a deaf ear to it. It was

inda moved her gaze away from Lenny and glared at Holly. She said slowly, "Holly Wei, who do you think you are? Do you think of yourself as someone important?"

Holly was frightened by Linda's imposing attitude and didn't know how to reply. But in a moment, she met Linda's eyes and yelled angrily, "Linda Xia, if my son is hurt, I will stir a tempest in the Mu Clan's villa!"

"Shut up! Don't think you can say whatever you wish just because you have Lenny's support. Don't you know that it's illegal to break into somebody else' house?" Linda's threatening voice made Holly move several steps backward. She never thought that she wouldn't be able to fight off Linda.

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