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   Chapter 1038 More and More Interesting

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Holly had never expected in her wildest dream that Lenny would show so much concern towards her problem. In fact, Lenny was taking such a keen interest in this matter not because he wanted to help Holly. Rather, he got involved solely because Linda was involved in this.

"Why are you still here? Go and report to the police right now. I will go to the police station too later!" After Lenny finished his words, he waved his hand, motioning for Holly to leave.

Holly was already prepared to rush to the police station even before Lenny ordered her to do so.

Holly rested all her hope on Lenny. At this time point, he was the only one that could help her. And now that she got the assurance from Lenny, she would make no delay in reporting to the police. Moreover, she would absolutely denounce Linda and Charles to the police.

Holly did not want to waste time thinking about it anymore. She was willing to go to any extent as long as she could save Ronald.

After rushing out of the Nalan Clan's residence, Holly hailed a taxi. Without a delay, the taxi zoomed towards the police station.

Upon arriving at the police station, Holly rushed inside with all her might. After enquiring and running from pillar to post for a while, she finally reached the right person who she would complain to. Watching Holly struggling to catch her breath, the policeman handed her a glass of water in a hurry.

"What happened? Tell me slowly," the policeman asked politely, showing concern towards Holly.

" son was caught and taken away arbitrarily!" The moment she finished her words, Holly broke into tears. To a certain extent, she was more or less acting in front of the policeman. But after all, she was Ronald's mother, so she was really anxious and sad about her son.

"What? Could you explain it in detail?" the policeman tapped the button of the recording machine. Holly wiped her tears, got back her composure and started to detail out the information to the police…

"It was the Young Master and the Lady of the Mu Clan that forcefully took Ronald to their villa and even beat him fiercely in different ways. Now, my son is still under their control and his life is in danger. Please go and save him before it is too late!"

As Holly blurted out these words, she burst into tears again.

The very mention of the Mu Clan, the Young Master, and Lady Linda made the policeman in charge of recording facts of the case become a little hesitant.

Everyone in this city was aware of the power of Young Master Mu. And no one ever dared to offend Linda either. And here, this lady named Holly required him to dispatch police to save her son. This policeman was jittery. He was indecisive as to whether he should dispatch police or not by himself.

"Don't worry. I have to report to my superior first. Please wait for a moment!"

the policeman said as he walked int

d by Lenny, who said in a calm voice, "Just wait for a moment. There would be a good show here!"

Lenny didn't intend to dissuade Holly at all, because he was waiting to see how Linda and Charles would deal with the current situation. To be specific, Lenny was just like an onlooker, who didn't even care how serious the situation would become.

Noticing that no one responded to her from the Mu Clan's villa, Holly yelled again, "Charles, Linda, you are just cowards. Can't you take the responsibility for what you have done? You beat my son badly. How is he now? Now, you are still unwilling to let go of him. Do you dare to disregard laws?"

Seeing so many policemen outside the Mu Clan's villa, the security guard hurriedly rushed inside to inform Charles and Linda.

Lenny lit up a cigarette and sat beside in silence as if he were watching a good show.

As Holly noticed that still no one came out of the villa, she thought she had to play her card now. She took her mobile phone out of her bag, lifted the phone in the air and continued yelling, "I will expose what you've done and what you are doing to the media if you are still reluctant to come out. You broke into my house and took my son away. You even resorted to lynching tactics and beat him severely. All your Mu Clan does everything as you wish to do without regarding the laws. I believe that you will be severely punished for all that you've done!"

Now, what Holly wanted to do was only to save Ronald out regardless of the method or impact. She wanted to save her son at any cost.

Lenny was even shocked to see that Holly threatened the Mu Clan with the excuse that she would have the whole case exposed to the media. If that happened, the consequences would be completely different, all dependent upon how the Mu Clan would respond to this situation.

"Now, this show is becoming more and more interesting!" Lenny muttered to himself.

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