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   Chapter 1037 Help Your Elder Brother

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Looking at Holly's receding figure, Patricia thought for a while before deciding to follow her mother. Patricia got out of the house and hailed a taxi. Once inside, she instructed the driver to bring her to the Nalan Clan's villa.

When she arrived at the gate of the Nalan Clan's villa, Holly pulled a large bill from her purse and gave it to the driver without looking at it. She did not wait for her change as she ran to the gate hurriedly.

This was not the first time for Holly to come to the Nalan Clan's villa so all the servants knew her. They clearly remembered that Lenny referred to her as "my son's mother-in-law."

Seeing Holly rush to the entrance, a servant swiftly opened the gate for her. At the same time, another servant reported Holly's arrival to Lenny.

Lenny had no idea what brought Holly to come to see him in a hurry at this late hour. He was really exhausted thinking about the issue of Patricia.

Patricia was carrying opposite-sex twins, which meant that he could not ask her to have an abortion. Consequently, he had to accept the fact that Patricia would become a member of the Nalan Clan, but it was too difficult for Lenny to do so.

Regardless, he needed to behave reasonably. After all, he already admitted that Patricia would become his daughter-in-law, so he could not behave badly and go back on his words easily.

Seeing the anxious expression on Holly's face, Lenny asked, "Holly, what is going on? Why are you so worried?"

Holly replied to him in a hurry, "Lord Lenny, it is my son, Ronald. He... He was seized and taken away by your niece, Linda!"

Hearing Holly call Linda his niece, Lenny sported a long face. But Holly was focused on the conversation and did not notice it.

Lenny asked calmly, "What exactly happened? Why did Linda arrest your son?"

Lenny was an experienced man. He would not easily make a conclusion based on Holly's words. He must know everything that happened before making a decision.

Actually Holly knew nothing about Linda's reason. She wasn't clear about the whole story yet. So what she could do now was to tell Lenny what she had seen today, including Dragon's unexpected arrival at her house to seize Ronald. She told him how Charles beat and punished Ronald as well.

Lenny knitted his eyebrows as he listened. He did not say anything after Holly

ince he had solved the tough issue about Patricia. He answered quickly, "It's easy. You can go to the Public Security Bureau to report the case to the police!"

"Report it to the police?" Holly was confused. She thought that Lenny would contact Linda and ask her to release Ronald. She never expected that Lenny would actually tell her to report the case to the police.

"Isn't Linda your niece? It is not good to report this to the police, isn't it?"

"Humph! I would never acknowledge her as my niece!" Hearing Holly's question, Lenny looked furious.

"But, what should I say to the police?" Although puzzled by Lenny's reaction, Holly chose not to pry about the relationship between him and Linda, and focused on the issue about her son instead.

As if calming himself, Lenny inhaled deeply. He then explained to Holly patiently, "You can tell the police that Linda arrested your son illegally and you need the police's help. Anyway, in our country, a man can only be arrested after the court issues a warrant. This means that Linda broke the law."

"Will...Will it work if I say that to the police?" Holly believed that Lenny would help her. But she knew clearly how powerful the Nalan Clan was. Would it really work if she went to the police and tell them what Linda had done?

"Don't worry. I will help you!" Lenny reassured her. Hearing Lenny's promise, Holly gave him a thousand thank yous in her mind. She already felt grateful and indebted to Lenny as she perceived him to be serious with helping Ronald by dealing with this case himself.

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