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   Chapter 1036 Torturing Ronald

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Holly had been standing at the gate of the Mu Clan's villa, begging Charles to let her in to see her son, but her request was continuously being refused. When she realized that there was no point waiting there, she gave up the idea and thought of another way. Holly immediately walked away from the villa. She hailed a cab and was on her way home.

The master of the Mu Clan was Charles, but his wife, Linda, was Richard's granddaughter.

Considering Linda's relation to the Nalan Clan, Holly thought that she could save her son. So, she decided to ask Lenny and his family for help since they were now related through Patricia's marriage to Devin.

Unfortunately, she didn't yet know what Ronald had said. Otherwise, she wouldn't have aimed to ask the Nalan Clan for help. However, the die was already cast.

On her way home, Holly kept calling Patricia's cell phone. She wanted Patricia to head home immediately so that she could tell her what had happened to Ronald.

Patricia was outside at that moment. When she took out her mobile phone and saw Holly's phone number on the screen, she hung up immediately. She didn't want to go back home yet.

But, when Holly called her for the sixth time, she picked up the call. Holly urged her to go back home quickly because she had something urgent to discuss with her. Patricia didn't know what Holly wanted to discuss with her, but she finally decided to go back. She could tell from Holly's voice that she was very anxious.

Patricia reached home before Holly. When she entered the house, she found the house in a complete mess, as if it had just been ransacked by a gang of robbers. The door to Ronald's room was completely damaged. She stared at the place in shock.

Patricia took a step back, frightened. 'Is this what mother wanted to tell me?' She looked around in a daze, not knowing what to do.

A few moments later, Holly rushed into the house. She knew very well that she had to rely on Patricia if she wanted to ask the Nalan Clan for help.

"Patricia!" Holly ran up to Patricia and grabbed hold of her hand, crying. "Please help me!"

she cried. Though she was acting to try

She thought that Patricia was refusing to help Ronald because she still hated him and didn't want to forgive him for everything he did to her.

"Patricia, he's your brother and he's in danger now. Do you really have the heart to look on with folded arms?" Holly asked, hoping that Patricia might change her mind, but she was refused again.

"I didn't think you would be so cruel! You've let me down!"

Holly had never been so angry. She turned pale and trembled in fury.

But she couldn't afford to lose her temper at Patricia. After all, she was now Lenny's daughter-in-law. If Ronald were to be killed in some unfortunate circumstance, she would have to depend on Patricia. So, even though Holly was in a rage, she held back her anger.

"You're not going to ask Lenny for help, are you? Fine! I'll go to the Nalan Clan's villa on my own!"

Holly had thought that Patricia would help her, but now she knew that she couldn't count on her. Despite this, she still didn't want to give up on her son. After all, when she first went to the Nalan Clan's villa, Lenny had called her Devin's mother-in-law.

Holly didn't believe that Lenny would have the nerve to refuse her if she visited him in person and asked him for help.

Holly turned away without a second glance at Patricia. She got into a taxi and asked the driver to take her to the Nalan Clan's villa. Seeing the car disappear into the distance, Patricia sighed.

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