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   Chapter 1035 It Is Because They Are Too Stupid

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By the time Holly realized that her son was in trouble, Dragon had already brought Ronald to his car. Holly started chasing after them just in time to see the car speeding away.

Without hesitation, she immediately hailed a taxi and followed them. When she noticed that the car before her was heading toward the Mu Clan's villa, she was gripped by fear.

She knew that the Mu Clan's villa was even more magnificent than the Nalan Clan's. No ordinary person would dare to offend the Mu Clan.

"Has Ronald offended the Mu Clan? What shall I do now?" Holly murmured worriedly, becoming more and more anxious.

When Dragon arrived at the Mu Clan's villa, he dragged Ronald out of the car. To make sure that Ronald wouldn't have any chance to escape, he had tied Ronald's feet together with a rope. As a result, Ronald couldn't even walk now.

Holly arrived right behind them. As soon as she got out of the taxi, she saw Ronald being dragged into the Mu Clan's villa. At the sight of this, she cried out loudly, "Sir, please let go of my son. Please!"

Hearing a woman's cry coming from behind him, Dragon cast a glance back, but continued walking ahead without stopping. Holly wanted to chase after them, but she was stopped at the gate by a tall and strong man dressed in a suit.

"Young Master, I have brought the man here!" Dragon reported. He untied the rope around Ronald's feet and gave him a kick on his legs, forcing Ronald to drop onto his knees.

"Young...Young Master, My...My Lady, you've invited me here this way. I don't think it is...proper!" Ronald stammered.

He didn't intend to admit his guilt so rashly. In fact, he was good at playing tricks. Even at this moment, although his words and his tone were polite, there wasn't an ounce of sincerity in them.

"Invite you?" Charles slowly squatted down and held Ronald's jaw. Then, he slapped Ronald, leaving a deep imprint of his five fingers on Ronald's face.

"Who do you think you are?" Charles roared. He suddenly flew into a great rage as if he was a jaguar about to pounce on Ronald.

Ronald was scared to the hilt by Charles. But of course, he had accidentally beaten somebody to death, so he wasn't that timid. In the face of Charles's challenge, he still played dumb and answered back, "Young Master, My Lady, the two of you are noble, so why did you bring an ordinar

ately took the hint. "I would have allowed you to die without pain, but now that you tried to threaten us using the Nalan Clan's name, I'm going to torture you instead." Then, turning to Dragon, he said, "Act now!"

Dragon nodded and elbowed Ronald before beating him to the ground. In a matter of moments, Ronald's left arm was broken.

"Ouch!" Ronald squealed in pain like a pig being slaughtered.

Holly was scared out of her wits when she heard Ronald's cry outside the gate. This whole time, although she had been crying to everyone to let her enter the Mu Clan's villa so that she could plead for her son's life, she had been kept outside the gate.

Ronald had ended up like this because of his own foolishness.

He had threatened both Linda's and Little Tomato's safety, so it was impossible for Charles to forgive him. Now, even Linda, who had always been kind-hearted, was reluctant to let go of Ronald.

Moreover, Ronald still hadn't acknowledged his guilt. On the contrary, he was bluffing and blustering, and even going so far as to try to threaten them with the Nalan Clan's name.

As Linda stared at the miserable sight in front of her, she didn't become soft-hearted. Instead, she kept silent, tacitly agreeing with Charles to give Ronald an unforgettable lesson.

Charles was treating Ronald so ruthlessly because he knew that some hatred existed between Linda and the Nalan Clan. Since Ronald dared to mention the Nalan Clan in front of Linda after everything he'd already put Linda through, Charles made up his mind to teach Ronald a lesson.

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