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   Chapter 1033 Let Bygones Be Bygones

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Linda lulled Little Tomato to sleep after they arrived at the Mu Clan's Villa. It was only then that she could call Charles and tell him that she and their baby were fine. Charles nearly went crazy upon hearing the call from Linda. He was so afraid that he had already lost her earlier.

Charles gave Linda a bear hug as soon as he arrived and saw her. He carried her back to their room afterward, holding her tightly in his arms.

Deep inside her mind, Linda knew that Charles was consoling her, although he kept silent.

Charles nodded, still holding her hands.

Seeing that Linda had come back, all the servants looked relieved and excited. Linda was sure that Charles had vented his anger on the servants based on how they looked.

Linda was good at getting along with others. Thus, she had comforted the servants before calling Charles.

It was then that Little Tomato suddenly cried out loud. She didn't know if Little Tomato cried because she was awakened or there was any other reason.

Hearing the baby cry, Linda hurriedly lifted Little Tomato, coaxing her. However, Little Tomato just didn't stop crying. Touching the baby's crotch, Linda immediately realized why her baby suddenly woke up crying.

Her baby's diaper hadn't been changed for so long, so Linda was sure that Little Tomato was very uncomfortable.

She rushed to get a diaper and a clean wet paper towel. After washing Little Tomato's butt, she spread some baby powder on it and changed her diaper. Only then that Little Tomato stopped crying at last.

Carrying the baby in her arms, Linda lulled the child to sleep, humming in a gentle voice. Soon enough, Little Tomato fell asleep over again.

Linda carefully put the baby back to bed and tucked her in. Then, she went back to the living room. Her phone had run out of power and she hadn't made any phone call to Charles back then. She could just imagine how worried he was.

With that in mind, Linda picked the phone in the living room up and quickly dialed the number she had been thinking of the whole day.

Meanwhile, Charles was watching the surveillance video recorded when Linda left the hotel. However, the video didn't even help much and showed no clue yet. He was extremely anxious about Linda's and Little Tomato's safety. That was when his phone rang.

Charles didn't pay much attention to the phone ca

at his embrace loosed around her.

"Nothing. It doesn't matter anymore. Now that I have come back safely, just let bygones be bygones. Don't waste time to dig up the past."

Linda wanted to handle her case with Ronald personally. She was afraid that Charles might punish Ronald at any cost once he found out the truth. Thus, she decided not to tell him the truth after carefully considering that possibility.

Linda was even benevolent to the person that had kidnapped her. However, Charles wouldn't be so kind. She was more than sure that Charles wouldn't forgive anyone who dared lay hands on the woman that he loved.

"Honey, please tell me. Rest assured that I know what I can do and what I can't!" Charles questioned closely again.

Linda clearly knew what kind of person Charles was. She guessed that Charles would put all the men involved in the kidnap to death once she told him about the truth. She never doubted his ability to do that.

But after some more thoughts, Linda rationalized that there was no need for her to hide anything from her husband. Thus, in the end, she decided to tell him about what happened.

She told him that the animosity between her and Ronald started on an overpass when Ronald hit her. Then, it was followed by the incident inside Pearl Restaurant, where Ronald got so scared and peed on his pants. As a result, he had organized this kidnap.

Charles was infuriated after hearing Linda. He never expected that a bastard like Ronald would kidnap his wife. He was so angry that he stood up right away and rushed out of the room.

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