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   Chapter 1032 Offended The Wrong Person

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Upon hearing Linda's words, the leader immediately asked the man behind him to fill up the car with petrol so that they could drive Linda back home any time she wished.

After the petrol was filled up, the leader said, "Ms. Xia, we've brought the car here, so you can get into the car and leave any time you want."

But the other three men seemed to think differently.

Most people could hardly resist the temptations of beauty and money. At times, greed motivated people. For instance, greed for truth and knowledge might shape positive characters. However, greed for money and material benefit could ruin a person.

These three men belonged to the latter category.

To earn the 200, 000 dollars from Ronald, they had taken great risks to kidnap Linda even though they knew that she was a member of the powerful Mu Clan. Now, Linda hadn't asked them to return the 200, 000 dollars. Instead, she had promised them that she would give them more money as long as they brought her and Little Tomato back home. But tempted by money, the three men's greed rose once again.

Since Linda could give them more money, why shouldn't they kidnap her and her daughter to get even more money?

The three men became madly overwhelmed by this idea.

All of their eyes met in understanding, and a ruthless expression took over their faces.

Linda, who was carefully watching all of them, discerned their evil thoughts at once. She knew that she had to leave right away. She and Little Tomato wouldn't be completely safe until they were back to the Mu Clan's residence.

"Take me back home at once. Otherwise, if the Mu Clan is annoyed, the consequences would be unbearable for you,"

Linda said, pointing at the leader, who agreed to her request without hesitation. He hadn't noticed the expressions of the other three men and had no idea what was going on in their minds.

Linda picked up Little Tomato, who was still sound asleep, and walked out of the hotel room before heading straight toward the car. One of the men behind Linda was about to open the door and get into the driver's seat, but Linda stopped him.

She looked at the leader and said, "Drive the car directly to the Mu Clan's villa."

Linda asked the leader to drive the car because he was the only one present that hadn't changed his mind. She was worried that things would go out of her control on the way if the car was driven by any of the other men. It seemed that the leader was taking the big picture into consideration, so Linda could bet on him.

As the leader started the car, the other three men exchanged glances. To make sure that they wouldn't do anything rash, Linda decided to distract them by talking to them.

"To be frank, I know

"Paul, what did you say? Sack! That's it. The sack!"

Both Charles and Paul had been focusing their attention on looking for Linda in the surveillance video, but they had ignored the fact that Linda had been covered with a sack when she was kidnapped. It was very likely that someone had carried Linda into the hotel in a sack.

Thinking of this, Charles ordered, "Paul, look for all the guests who entered with a sack on their back!"

Very soon, Charles found the men who had kidnapped Linda and went to their hotel room.

"Hurry up! Break the door open!" Charles rushed to the door and kicked the door open.

The room was in a mess and filled with the smell of cigarettes. Beer bottles were scattered here and there, along with some sacks and ropes.

However, there was no one inside the room. Feeling helpless at the sight of this, Charles sat on the edge of the bed and covered his head with his hands. He felt an intense heartache, as if he had lost a part of himself.

The possibility of losing the person he loved the most made Charles feel as if there was a knife piercing his heart. Would he lose Linda again? This time, his daughter had also been kidnapped. He absolutely had to save his wife and his daughter.

Charles, who had been lost in thought so far, stood up all of a sudden and swiftly rushed toward the monitoring room of the hotel. Since no one was inside the hotel room, the kidnappers must have left the hotel. So, all that Charles had to do was find the surveillance video of them leaving the hotel.

"Paul, go find Linda, whatever the cost! I will definitely make these men pay for what they've done if anything bad happens to Linda!"

At this moment, a bloodthirsty expression came over Charles's face. He wouldn't let the men who had kidnapped Linda and his daughter go.

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