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   Chapter 1031 In A Fury

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These men were not desperadoes and wouldn't risk their lives for just a little money. Thus, after thinking it over, the leader decided to loosen Linda.

"What you said makes sense, Ms. Xia," the man said in an unexpectedly gentle tone. He couldn't help but get shocked by Linda's analysis.

Although it sounded a bit exaggerated, her analysis was reasonable and they had to believe it.

The man who took the lead walked behind Linda and tried to flatter her by loosening her hurriedly. He was anxious while freeing her and missed the part she had cut.

It was only then that Linda finally sighed with relief. Truth was that she was even more nervous than these men. They could have been disgusted with her if she didn't hit a point with her words.

Once these men got disgusted, she and Little Tomato would surely be in danger.

Linda picked Little Tomato up and patted the baby's back as soon as she was released.

"Stop crying, baby. Good girl, let me hug you..."

Little Tomato put her head on Linda's shoulder and sobbed in a low voice. She gradually stopped crying as Linda comforted her. Perhaps because she was too tired and just recovered from a fever, the baby soon fell asleep.

Linda put Little Tomato on the bed slowly. Then she turned around, startling the men due to her serious look.

Feeling her gaze, the men instantly knew that she was waiting for them to apologize and admit their mistakes. Thus, they stopped pretending.

The leader immediately knelt before Linda and started to repent.

"Please forgive us, Ms. Xia. You are a good woman. Kindly don't bother about us. We were brainless and got 200 thousand from Ronald Zhuo. Thus, we rushed into danger. Believe us, please."

Seeing their leader kneel, the other men behind him didn't waste time but did the same before Linda.

"Please forgive us for being dumb, Ms. Xi

clearly, Ronald wouldn't let them go. They knew their own strength and it would be a daydream for them to defeat Ronald.

"Where's the money Ronald gave you?" Linda didn't answer directly but asked a question instead.

The leader was confused but still replied, trembling, "Each of us received 200 thousand from Ronald. If you want..."

Linda waved her hand even before he finished and interrupted, "I don't want anything. Keep what's yours since Ronald gave that. Moreover, I will give each of you even more money after we reach the Mu Clan's villa."

The leader thought he heard something wrong. Linda didn't care about the 200 thousand from Ronald but even said she would give them more. If it was true, they would laugh to wake up from the dream.

"You have my words. I will do as I said as long as you send me back safely. Ronald will have nothing to do with you after that." She paused for a while, smirked, and then added, "I will get even with him in person." The killing intention in Linda's eyes was like a sharp sword. Everybody could just imagine how she would cut Ronald to pieces.

Cold sweat immediately formed on the leader's back as soon as he heard Linda. There was no more explanation needed. Linda was indeed furious.

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