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   Chapter 1030 Frightened

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Linda had studied psychology, so she knew exactly what those men were thinking at that moment. What she had said just now was a fatal blow to their weakness. They looked fierce on the surface, but they were cowardly within.

She could roughly tell from their behaviors that they were a group of slobs who did nothing but live off others. 'This must be the first time they are kidnapping someone. I don't think they have the guts to murder anyone.

And since this is their first time, they must be incredibly nervous.' What Linda wanted to do now was to take advantage of their weakness so that they would let her see Little Tomato.

"Gentlemen, you don't look like bad guys to me. Why are you trying to hurt others? You probably decided to do this while you were drunk or while smoking something,"

Linda said with a smile as she glanced at the scattered bottles on the ground.

"Mind your own business! Don't forget that you're our hostage. We can do whatever we want to you!"

the leader said in an arrogant tone. However, he was clearly less confident than he had been earlier.

Linda was keenly aware of this. With a calm face, she continued to persuade the men. "You only kidnapped me for money, am I right? As long as you have money, you can get all the beautiful women you want. There are so many beautiful girls in upscale clubs. You can go there and flirt with them when you get enough money."

None of them spoke. They seemed to be waiting for her to go on. So Linda continued, "I don't know how much Ronald had promised to give each of you, but if you're willing to let me and my daughter go, I'll give you double the money. Of course, if you're not satisfied with that, we can negotiate again."

The leader frowned thoughtfully. He was a bit tempted by Linda's offer. Ronald had ordered them to kill Linda and had promised to give them two hundred thousand dollars in return, but they had only planned to kidnap her. They never wanted to kill her.

Since Linda was now willing to pay them to buy her freedom, they wanted to negotiate with her. But one thing worried them. They were afraid that Linda wouldn't give them the money


'If I'm always nice to them, they'll regard me as a weakling. The best way is to use the carrot and stick approach.

I've already told them the truth, and now it's time to throw some threats, ' she thought. "Listen to me carefully. The Mu Clan's influence has already spread across the world—Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia. You will find people who serve the Mu Clan on every continent."

The men froze in their place. As insignificant as they were, they couldn't even imagine how powerful the Mu Clan was. The Mu Clan was a giant and they were just mere ants.

They were frightened when they heard Linda's words. They just stood there in a daze with their mouths hung open. They were too frightened to even say a word. Only then did they realize how naive they had been to think that they could escape after pissing off Charles.

They had originally thought that they could get away with murder after getting the money from Ronald. But now they knew the truth. They could never escape from Charles' grasp.

"Do you understand now? Besides, even if Charles were to forgive you for harming me and our child, the police would find you. If you end up in custody and give up Ronald's name, he would be in huge trouble. Ronald certainly wouldn't allow that to happen. To save himself, he'll try to get rid of you."

Linda's words were manipulative, but to the frightened men, it seemed like she was telling the truth.

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