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   Chapter 1029 Treat Her In Any Way You Wish

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9268

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Charles made a phone call to Paul right away, telling him about the kidnapping. He asked Paul to find out any information about the car that took Linda away. The license plate of the car could be seen on the surveillance video, but the kidnappers could not.

As soon as Paul hung up the phone, he began with the investigation. Filled with rage, Charles paced the room, clenching his fists into tight balls.

"Linda, please be strong and wait for me. I promise that I'll come for you and Little Tomato!" he vowed out aloud.

When Linda was first grabbed, she tried to use her cell phone to alert Charles for help. However, the phone had run out of power after the call had just gotten through.

She wasn't sure if Charles had detected that she was in danger and didn't want to risk merely waiting for him to come and save her. With that thought in mind, Linda decided to come up with a plan to try and save herself.

She had already managed to free herself from the rope that the men used to tie her hands. However, Linda tied her hands behind her back by herself, so they wouldn't suspect that she was free.

Linda could feel that the car had finally stopped. At the sound of the car doors opening and closing, she felt herself being thrown over someone's shoulder and carried like a sack of potatoes. A few minutes later, she heard a door open and then she was thrown roughly onto a bed when the door was closed again.

At last, one of the kidnappers untied the sack that covered her head. Linda blinked her eyes to adjust to the light and looked around. She discovered that she was in a guest room of a hotel.

There were four men altogether in the room, and each of them was staring at Linda with evil intentions. Their eyes reflected their wanton sexual desires.

Linda's clothes were torn and in disarray due to the violent struggle she had while they tied her up and put the sack over her head. With her fair skin exposed in places and being helplessly tied up, the men had become overwhelmed with dirty evil thoughts.

Looking at each of the men, Linda knew what was on their minds and she was frightened to death. However, she was well aware that being fearful now wasn't going to help her in this situation. Linda forced herself to calm down. She needed to have her wits about her if she was going to find a possible way to escape.

"Gentlemen, I don't know why you have kidnapped me. If you did it for the money, I swear to you that I can give you money. Even more than the amount that your employer has promised you."

As Linda spoke, she regarded the men and concluded that they were hired to kidnap her. They weren't the instigators of the kidnapping. She wanted to find out who were behind it and dared to lay their hands on her.

To help h

much rather be hurt than have Little Tomato in any trouble. Little Tomato meant the world to Charles and Linda.

Considering the safety of her daughter, Linda forced herself to remain calm. Although her mind was racing at a million miles an hour, she was trying to recall everything of benefit from her past kidnapping experiences. At last, she blurted out, "Gentlemen, please listen to me. I don't believe that you are stupid, but I know one thing for sure. That is, you've been taken advantage of by Ronald. You still have the chance to redeem yourselves. Trust me. I promise in my name that I won't cheat you!"

Linda felt terrified inside for Little Tomato and herself. Though her voice trembled slightly, she appeared very calm. The men regarded Linda and were shocked that she could still maintain her composure despite the dangerous situation that she was in. Her confidence had put doubt into their minds, and they became anxious as to what they should do. This was just what Linda had intended to achieve through her persuasion.

Linda seized the opportunity and continued, "Friends, you haven't done anything but merely kidnapped me. But I can tell Charles that you treated me well and served me with a cup of tea if you let me go. However, things would become completely different if you do anything more to my daughter or me."

Even though these men were good for nothing hooligans and were used to committing crimes, they had become as timid as mice. Linda's persistent persuasion put self-doubt into their heads, and they became irresolute once again.

In particular, the leader who had been approaching Linda suddenly stopped in his tracks and began weighing the pros and cons of his actions. He was more or less smarter than his inferiors. It was beyond doubt that he had understood what Linda was saying before the others.

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